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How will Chase Online manage my merging Wamu account?

Prior to the merge, I have a Chase credit card, and a Wamu Checking and savings account. Now, since Wamu is switching to Chase, I was wondering if I need to change my login name for either account. Since I use the same login, I'm wondering if when they merge their systems, I can still maintain the same login, or will I have two different ones when trying to manage my Credit card, and the newly acquired Wamu accounts.

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    I too have a WAMU account. A few weeks ago I received a letter stating I will still log in thru WA MU and use the same info. If this changes later, I am sure we will be notified. I suspect it will not change for a long, long time. The letter said the online will be the same but the branches will look different.~~

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    When I log on into my Wamu online now, it has a message on the top saying in the next few weeks, we'll be asked to change our user names to accommodate to Chase online. I'm sure we can use the same user name if we want to.

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