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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 1 decade ago

How does LH affect estrogen and progesterone?

Thanks :)

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    About two weeks into the menstrual cycle, LH levels surge dramatically and this actually triggers ovulation.

    This sudden rise in LH causes the follicle to become a corpus luteum which then releases progesterone; so in effect progesterone levels rise (it helps to thicken the endometrium as well as stopping a new follicle developing).

    It is around that time (two weeks into the cycle/ovulation) where oestrogen levels fall and progesterone levels rise; so in short LH causes a decrease in oestrogen, but an increase in progesterone, as you can see here;

    btw, oestrogen is just the UK spelling of 'estrogen' !

    Hope that helped! :]

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