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what are the strength levels of marijuana?

mids are lowest right? then dro, whats after? lowest strength to strongest

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    Schwag would be the lowest. Also called brick weed, ditch weed and several other derogatory terms. "Mids" simply describe a mid grade weed. "Dro" mean hydroponically grown, and has little to do with overall quality. "Chronic" is both a strain name and a quality rating, which gets us up to the top: named strains with 15% or more THC are typically considered the highest grade. Genetics is what produces quality weed, and is influenced by the growing environment. Poorly grown "dro" can turn out to be schwag, while casting a few seeds of excellent genetics to grow wild in the proverbial ditch can end up being some pretty intense weed.

    So in the end, there's no one answer, especially when you consider that in various parts of the country, or even in the world, different terms have different meanings as far as quality goes.

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    No mids are middle that's how they got their name. I'm not expert, I'll be the first to admit that. But I'm just gonna list 3 strains of marijuana from lowest to highest potency. I'm not going to list mids because I've never dealt with that. Schwagg, Chronic, Kush

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