song describing university of florida...?

Can anyone think of a good song that would describe the university of florida? It cant be their fight song and it cant talk about sex,drugs,violence. please help!:)

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  • Me
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    1 decade ago
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    Well there is that one song by The Pearly Whites called "Gator Bait". It's not exactly about UF but it is about the Gators. xD

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    Here's another called "Danger: Beware of the Chomp".

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    I don't know of any others, sorry. xD

    Source(s): G'ville resident :D
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  • fisch
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    3 years ago

    im gonna say What its like, via Everlast there have been quite a few shootings right here in the final 5 yrs. there have been some murders. one in all which grew to become out to be a nicely-liked serial killer that unfold throughout the time of a few states. different than that, no longer something.

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