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What is the most ridiculous thing you've been criticized for as a parent?

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My daughter Sari is about 14 months, and has a playgroup every Wednesday. There's one little boy in particular who she plays with, which works out perfectly because I've become good friends with his mother. Often times we'll meet up and let the kids play together while we hang out. When it comes to naptime, we usually just pop the kids in a crib together and let them nap, no big deal right? Well, when I was talking to my sister in law about it, she seemed horrified and said that it was inappropriate because they're a boy and a girl. Seriously? They're ONE.

What's the most ridiculous thing you've been criticized for as a parent?

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    The amount of times I've taken my son to the emergency room- 12.

    He was born at 30 weeks, and was a sick newborn.

    He had Meckles Diverticulitis- and had a MAJOR surgery.

    He has epilepsy..

    I was told I'm a hypochondriac

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    I'm not a parent but my sis in law was always criticised for smacking her children when they were younger. But the crazy thing is, her kids are now 4 and 7 and the most polite, well rounded kids you could ask for. She only has to say 'stop that' and they do, and they always say please and thank you. My neices are such lovely children!

    Yet the crazy thing is, my other sis in law who criticises people who smack their kids has the most naughty children in the world and can't control them because she never smacked them or disciplined them when they were young. In the last week alone my two nephews have nearly ended up in A&E through fighting, called my fiance a d*ckhead (this is the 3 year old!) and cut her eye by punching her in the face because she told them they couldn't have a toy they wanted in a shop because she'd only brought him one like 10 minutes ago. They are so naughty and have no respect for my sis in law.

    I know some people say smacking is bad, but it only takes a smack on the bum (not hard) for them to know not to do it again. In my opinion that's much better than having naughty gobby kids for life!

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    I got a two page email lecture last week on "responsibility" from a first grade teacher following my request to send Bear's lunchbox home. She left it in the music room and it is now locked. Which I get. She needs to remember her lunchbox. Still, I wonder how much math the kids missed in the 30 minutes it took to yell at me in writing.

    Clearly I suck, and it's obvious I condone chasing butterflies instead of accountability because she forgot a lunchbox once in the 7 months school has been in session. And it has nothing at all to do with the fact that the first graders are terrified to shreds of the Gostapo they put in charge of the ingrates. This teacher is a pill anyway. I replied, "I agree. Never too young to learn about respnsibility. Nevertheless I need the lunchbox. Send the damn thing home." I got it the next day. I'm sure it comes with a price and there will be hell to pay.

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    My son and daughterd shared a room until they were 4 & 5 ! That's not a big deal, hon .. your sister is silly for thinking that's inappropriate !

    My been Christian, is the most ridiculous thing I've been criticized for as a parent.

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    Your sister in law is absurd! Like you said, they are TODDLERS! It is certainly not inappropriate at that age.

    I have been criticized for my choice to homeschool my children (ages 11, 8 and 1). Most of the people that criticize actually know little or nothing about homeschooling, and base their criticism on myths and stereotypes. I used to let it bother me, but no more-I use the situation to educate them based on fact.

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    Wow! Why would your sister in law think that way? There 1 for heavens sake!

    That I don't feed my daughter, just because she is underweight. She was a preemie and has always been small for her age, the doctor Say's she is perfectly healthy.

    Or, that I'm a bad parent because I'm a teenage mother.

    Edit: Why do I get a thumbs down? I was just stating the truth.

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    For nursing my babbies too long. Also, I have been criticized for spoon feeding my first babbies. I was criticized for using cloth diapers and herbal medicines by the same people who criticized me for vaccinating, then a year or so later they all decided that cloth diapers and herbs are cool. But by then I wasn't natural enough!

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    My mother-in-law always has some dumb crap to say. Just recently I found out that she thought my kids were "slow" and "under socialized" because they don't want to have any type of dialogue with her...they don't like her because she always smells like cigarettes and pot smoke and is always blabbing away in a stoned stupor like some kind of hippy they don't talk to her and try to avoid her. Everyone in the family tries to avoid her. She assumes it's because their linguistic and social skills are underdeveloped, when in reality they are developing just fine. What a dumbass. I swear I could beat her face in with a cast iron skillet.

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    that is pretty stupid to criticize you over with what one years old going to do sleeping in the same crib i mean they are 1 but the reason i have been criticize is because i have guns in the house i have told them i keep them in a safe that requires a key and code to open plus the triggers have safeguards on them

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    My mother in law said i was too lazy to feed my daughter with a spoon several months back because i mixed a little baby food with her milk & put it in her bottle. I wasnt too lazy, i DID feed her with a spoon, but i also mixed it with her milk, because if i gave her enough rice cereal to make her full it constipated her, so i mixed it with baby food. But she told my husband i was lazy. People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.

    & Your sister in law is retarded. Sorry, but i have one of those too and i can relate. 1 Yr olds can sleep if they were 14 & you were doing that i could see her lifting an eye brow.

    I think in laws were made to make our lives miserable.

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