are there dangerous countries for interracial couples to travel in?

Hi my boyfriend and I are planning a trip around the world! i am white and he is Indian, we have traveled before and noticed that in some countries people have a very different attitude toward "interracial" couples than in Canada and I want to avoid trouble as much as possible.

If anyone is part of an "interracial" [race is such a ridiculous concept!] couple who have traveled before were there any countries in which you were blatantly discriminated against, or felt unsafe?

we would like to go to some middle eastern countries [Jordan and Turkey] as well as India. Has anyone been there who was dating a "brown" person if so did you have a hard time anywhere?


barcovago: I feel very sorry for you. To live a life in blindness and ignorance is the most tragic way to spend one's time on earth. It is not my opinion that "race" is fictional, science has dis-proven the existence of races, we are genetically more similar than different. My boyfriend is every bit as healthy, strong and intelligent as any member of my white family. In fact he is getting his PHD in microbiology right now; he is six foot three and incredibly athletic, he never gets sick, and he and his family have a beautiful rich culture I feel privileged to learn about. it is intelligent open minded people like us who make the world a better place for everyone even ignorant people like you. Some day the research he is doing may save your life, how inferior can you really consider him? You are poor soul.

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    I'd give any Islamic country a very wide berth, so that means take Jordan and Turkey off your list.

    Officially as an unmarried couple you can have problems. The fact that your boyfriend is Indian will give you extra hassles and make you a target. They will make the excues that you are not married but will be hassling you because your boyfriend is Indian. The hassling could get as serious as jail.

    Indians are looked down on across the Middle East and treated like ****. Sorry, but that is how it is. I know, I have worked there.

    You will have a much better time in South East Asia. Europe, Australia and New Zealand should be no worse than any hassles you have had in Canada. I have been all these places as one half of an interracial couple.

    I doubt South America would cause too many problems.

    You may get odd looks in Korea and Japan and parts of China where the whole interracial thing is looked down on by some, not just Indian / Caucasian couples.

    Have a good trip.


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    I'm half black/half white and my husband (then boyfriend) is Mexican. We've travelled all over with no problems, Egypt, China, Turkey, most of Europe - no problems. Well, in the Czech Republic my husband was mistaken for a gypsy but that wasn't a big deal. We were actually more concerned about traveling to Egypt without being married, we read in different places that unmarried couples have a hard time renting hotel rooms together. But we were never hassled at any point.

    I think you'll be just fine!

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  • 3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    You won't have any problems in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, UAE. As for Turkey i'm not too sure but if they ever plan to enter the E.U they better not have a problem with interracial couples!

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  • 6 years ago

    I'm indian and my husband is Chinese - we've travelled without any real issues in paris, rome, montreal, turkey, the US, Barcelona, new Caledonia, Australia, Berlin and Malaysia.

    However - we did get strange looks (which appeared to be more based on curiosity than dislike) in Paris and in the US.

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    1 decade ago

    The US!

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