Democrat wiretapped by NSA over AIPAC espionage 2009?

This story is just breaking so you may not have heard. This is probably one of the biggest stories in a long time. It's going to a place we haven't been.

here's the story,

Jane Harman, democrat, from california, a defender of warrantless evesdropping was busted on tape by NSA agents telling a Israeli agent she would help two AIPAC officials in the espionage case.

It gets worse

Bush's Attorney General Alberto Gonzales decided to help Jane Harman because they wanted her help defending the warrantless eavesdropping.

the story gets worse, read the link if you want the transcript

here's a link

My Question

How do you feel about this? Please be honest, if you're in favor of AIPAC or hold a similar ideology please just say so.

I'm a libertarian/indepedent, but this time I voted for Obama. This kind of issue(AIPAC) was one of my biggest concerns.

Please state your party affiliation.


Jane Harman is Chair of the Intelligence Subcommittee for Homeland Security.

Update 2:

I guess Obama did not want her for that job?

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    Well, I hate AIPAC. I feel many things about this.


    1.) Dismayed that someone that the American people elected into office is not working for them, but for another country (Israel). Then, on top of that held such an important position.

    2.) Happy that she was caught. Especially since she was a big defender of the warrant-less wire tapping. That she was caught with a warranted wire tapping makes it all the sweeter.

    I think that this woman needs to rot in prison. I am sick and tired of zionist neo-cons trying to run our country. I consider myself a left leaning independent. I always try to vote for the person that will be most likely to do what is right for the American people, and then the world in general. This means that I always end up voting Democrat - even though I am not always over the moon about it.

    I voted for Obama hoping that he will do the right thing. The Israel / AIPAC thing was a big concern for me too. It is not just affecting what is going on over there, but that whole ideology is ruining our country, dragging us into wars etc..

    I will be watching this closely, holding my breath, that for once the zionist neocons do not win the day.

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    1 decade ago

    Harmon was caught by a legal wiretap,( approved by the anti-terror court) as the result of an investigation into a totally separate matter.

    The wiretap which caught her is valid and could be used to prosecute her but the democratic congress will prevent any prosecution of a leading democrat..

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    I bet you $1,000 bucks Keith Olberman, Rachael Maddow, Bill Maher, and Jon Stewart won't even discuss this story.

  • Didn't Bill Ayers get off cause the wire tapping was illegal, even though they knew he was guilty of bombing the pentagon , capital and NY Police station- the stupid LAW prevented him from going to prison for LIFE! Where he should be right now in PRISON! His wife Dorn was responsible for a death in the bombing even!

    Any democrat will get away with corruption now that govt is majority democrats.

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    I heard her name and "Israeli" mentioned on FOX this morning but I was on my way out. I am sure they will have something on this tonight.

    I am a Libertarian and didn't even know it.

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    1 decade ago


    what a Tangled Web they have Weaved............

    i want to see some Heads Roll~!


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