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Does anybody else admire Sean Avery's heart?

This guy is a throwback really....a player who will do absolutely anything to win a hockey. Does anybody else admire him for this? When he stays within himself and doesn't take foolish penalties but draws them, he is very effective. He also possesses skill for a player of his ilk.

Bonus Q- What NHL player has the most heart? He would stick his face in front of a 100 MPH slapshot to win a game?


It is true......he will do ANYTHING to win a hockey game.

A former Flyer great in the HHOF had that trait about him.........his name was Bob Clarke. Win at all costs. Gotta love it when guy actually earn their paychecks.

Update 2:

wsct- He would not have survived unless he was a Flyer and had the Hammer for protection. Touche. ;)

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    I've actually thought that while watching him play.

    There's no doubt that Avery can cross the line sometimes, but he's also out there giving his most every shift. I think with his label as a troublemaker the media places extra attention on him so that every extra bump, tap, nudge, or interaction gets exaggerated. Say for instance the whistle gets blown and Getzlaf gave an extra tap to the glove hand of his opposing goalie. There'd be some rough stuff and the announcers would mention it. Put Avery in the same situation and there would be full blown coverage with instant replays showing every angle with opposing fans calling for his head.

    BQ - When i read your question, the first name to pop into my head was Ian Laperriere. Not the biggest guy out there, but certainly one that plays with heart. Even on a sprawling Avs team that hung out in the cellar, he gives it his all even willing to block a shot with his face or taking on a bigger fighter. Maybe the Sharks need Laperriere!!!

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  • Rachel
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    No. Sean Avery has little respect for the game or his fellow players when OUTSIDE of the rink (i.e. the sloppy seconds comments). He has potential but constantly takes stupid selfish penalties that bring his team down and those greatly outweigh any of the penalties he draws.

    I wouldn't say he has the most heart in the NHL, but Adam Burish really does try. Skill wise he's about at the AHL level, and isn't that great of a fighter but he tries. He really loves the game and cares for his teammates and does anything he can. Not to say he hasn't taken his share of dumb penalties, but for a while he was the only revenge hitter on the Blackhawks when other guys would go after our smaller skill players like Kane. He's not afraid to drop the gloves, even though he usually gets beat and is a genuinely nice guy outside of the hockey rink as well.

    Source(s): Plus he made Keenan cry.
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  • 1) Can't stand Avery

    2) Clarke and Avery are so far apart in everything they stand for. Clarke played the game to win, and with integrity. He never puylled any of the asinine stunts that Avery pulled.

    If Avery skated by Brodeur last year and gave him a two hand slash to break his ankle, I'd have a lot more respect for him.

    Avery has the skill to be a force in this league. Trash talking is fine, but there is fine line between where it stops (and Clarke will tell you that).

    As to the question, I'm not convinced that Avery plays with heart. I'm not convinced that Avery is playing to win the Stanley Cup so much as he's playing to keep Sean Avery in the news.

    Sean Avery has what it takes to be a Don Saleski/Esa Tikkanen/Kenny Linseman type of player (throw in Jarkko Ruuttu as well). But he takes it too far, especially the running from the mouth (hence the belief it's all about keeping himself in the news)

    Here's a player who

    - Ken Holland and Scotty Bowman call a waste of space

    - was sent home by the LA Kings with several games left in the 2005-06 season due to conduct 'detrimental' to the team

    - is rumoured to have created false tensions in the Dallas dressing room leading to his dismissal

    What is Bobby Clarke noted for?

    - hitting Valeri Kharlamov in the ankle and saving Canada';s great name

    - 3 Hart Trophies

    - Hall of Fame

    - multiple 100pt scorer

    - did I mention THREE Hart Trophies?

    Whoi has the most heart today? Is Jagr still in the league? I don't think there is an answer to that question, I can name dozens of guys who have a lot of heart, will do anything to win, etc. I'm going to do the cop out here and give two names.

    Jarome Iginla, and I think he's more a throwback to the Clarke style than Avery ever would be.

    Jonathan Toews, we're all allowed our homer pick and he's mind. But he fits the bill. Her plays for his country, he plays for his team, and he plays for the sport.

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  • I like how he will do anything if it means that his team is going to get the win. I don't think that like Craig Button said he isn't even a decent hockey player. He never cowers and can put the puck in the net every once in a while. This group of players who will do anything to win is dwindling and there are very few players that play this way.

    Bonus- Ian Laperriere I know I'm biased as an Avs fan but he does block shots and gets into scraps.

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    I admire what he brings to the ice, but it doesn't mean I have to like the guy.

    BQ- I think there are many players in the NHL with the most "heart" on an equal level. Every team has a few of those guys that will do just about anything. Mike Richards, Tomas Holmstrom, Anton Volchenkov(sp?), JR(he really wants that Cup, He is just about the only player From SJ that was really giving it his all), the list goes on, it's hard to pick one....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow a Flyers fan that actually likes Sean Avery?! I wouldn't really call him a throwback because back in the day he would get beat senseless for his antics. Could you imagine if he hit Bernie or Hextall in the back of the head with his stick like he did to Thomas. The Hammer would have made sure he left on a stretcher.

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  • I do. He may have been a bit spoiled and may have took advantage of Detroit's hospitality. What he quickly learned after his departure was everybody knew he wasn't such a great player, so he morphed himself into the player he is today; a hard-nosed pest and grinder who scores a big goal every now and then. He has made a name for himself whether people like him or not, and no matter how bad some might want him to go away, he hasn't and doesn't appear to be any time soon.

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  • Rob K
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    1 decade ago

    I've gotta admit, I do see a little bit of Clarkie in Avery. Just his whole mentality of "Whatever it takes, I'm going to do it." Granted he doesn't have the skill Bobby had, but I agree totally that Avery's game is effective, whether people are annoyed by it or not.

    As far as heart, to me a guy I always saw who had loads of heart and still does, is Rod Brind A'mour. One of the best two-way players of the generation.

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  • Dewman
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    Heck yeah I do. I've always been a fan of Avery. The best thing about him is that, like you said, has talent. He's not one of those goons who can't play hockey. Sometimes he goes a little too far, but he always plays his hardest.

    Bonus A - Brendan Morrow. I dislike him as an opponent, but he has got the most heart in hockey.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sean Avery is an embarrassment to the game.

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