how can i lower my blood pressure quickly?

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    1 decade ago
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    my advice is stay away from the drugs if you can, blood pressure has alot to do with stress, diet and exercise. i had high blood pressure for years and didnt know it, many people dont know they have it until they get checked out by the doctor or when its too late. (thats why they call it the silent killer) i was on medication for a while but it really doesnt lower your blood pressure for good its only temporary. (they are also very expensive if you dont have good insurance) if you skip taking a pill your blood pressure goes back up, ask your doc what changes can you make to lower you blood pressure naturally, there is also lots of good info in books, this is one of the best ones in my opinion,

    This book gives you little tips on how to lower you blood pressure w/o depending on medication, like food combinations, what to eat and what not to eat.. etc When it comes to your health you have to do all you can to take care of yourself because no one is going to do it for you. Good Luck

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    there are various blood pressure lowering drugs that doctors use with differing effectiveness...with different routes of administration...just to help though, a practical way is to massage the area of the neck below the angle of the jaw where the vagus nerve lies...this is called the vaso-vagal reflex...which sends signals to the body to lower blood pressure

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    try apple cider vinegar

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