Spiritually Speaking...Do You Ever Hear Yourself Being Hypocritical?

Have you ever heard yourself giving Spiritual suggestions and/or advice, that you, yourself are Not adhering to?

Here's the deal...This morning my brother called me, and he was worried over a few things financially. Through our whole conversation, I kept hearing myself repeating, "No Worries" or "Don't Worry" and even, "STOP worrying so much!, The Divine Loves us and we are not alone"...When we got off the phone, I could barely look at myself in the mirror, because of lately, worrying is ALL Ive been doing. Matter of fact, I woke up this morning with a stomach full of nerves.


So what say you, do you hear yourself being hypocritical?, and why do you think we do this?

p.s. Please be honest, we cant see you and you might just help someone today by being so.

Thanks in advance, no thumbs down and Peace!


Thanks everyone, who answered thus far, my feelings of unworthiness were getting the best of me and tainting my perspective(s)...I appreciate all your answers GREATLY!


Update 2:

Rez, :)...and thanks!

Update 3:

Jill, you are a very Loving, warm and sweet person. I am humbled and grateful for your answer.

Update 4:

deewana...I Love you!, you always have way of making me smile...thanks!

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    lol You're growing! Your true ethical self is expanding your awareness. True self will not allow us to speak falsely or hypocritically. It is part of your process of shedding all that isn't light. You are seeing your ego. That means ego is about to take a big fall. :)) Fear is egos biggest weapon. Don't let it get to you. It just doesn't want to lose control. But, it has to! True self must take control now.

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    Peace, you were not being hypocritical at all. You put your own worries to one side to be a comforter to your brother.

    I have not read the other answers yet, because I didn't want to be influenced until I had answered you.


    This is what struck me when I read your Question:-

    You said those things to your brother, because you yourself needed to hear them.

    Spirit works in this way. Often when we find ourself saying something to someone else, that is exactly what we need to hear ourselves.

    When we teach, or give advice to others, the only person we are teaching is in fact ourselves.

    Does that sound strange? ... but when you examine it you will find it to be true in every single instance.

    I'm so sorry you are feeling so worried and knotted up at the moment. I hope you can find a way to rest in the Stream of Peace and allow it to wash away your worries.

    Forgive me for not answering your question in the way you were asking it.


    Peace, I had just edited my answer a few minutes ago, before I saw your note to me in Additional Details. Thank you SO much for your kind words to me, I think the same of you, and more.

    I came back to edit because I suddenly realised that I had not answered your question at all and had gone off on a different track! But maybe it was meant to be after all, so I have left it almost as it was .....

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    1 decade ago

    None of us is perfect and there really is no such thing as perfect. If we didn't fall from grace sometimes none of us would be here.

    I really think the whole thing with any kind of divergence from a right life is how we deal with the aftermath. Its a fine line between guilt and a complete lack of morals. Of course the key is to just let it go and forge ahead trying to do the right thing from then on. You've heard it before but its well worth repeating: There are no hypocrites there are only hypocritical actions.

    This all now will lead to thoughts on guilt and the role it plays in our lives and what forgiveness really truly is.

    You know you're a good person so just let it go. : )

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    This is just my opinion and I know alot of people will turn up there nose at it, but I often find christians to be the biggest hypocrites. I most defiantly am not saying that all christians are, but when some one tells me they are christian and then they sin, and go about life with thinking twice about it I consider that being a hypocrite. Just because you hold the title doesn't mean you're an angel.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Jill. Sometimes we speak to others what we need to hear the most. Also, no one walks as perfectly as they talk. Part of the process for making it real is that we will speak that which we want to be before we are able to totally be it in action. Words are powerful & this is part of the way we bring about change in ourselves. There is a big difference is seeing yourself clearly as you speak & purposely saying one thing & believing another. That is the essence of being hypocritical.


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    Yes, I do find myself leaning in the direction of doing unloving things, and I do the best I can to catch myself. It doesn't sound like you were being a hypocrite to your brother, and I don't know what you could have said to him that would have been better. Whatever happened, find a way to forgive yourself, and know that you are a good person with good motives. Best wishes!

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    1 decade ago

    everybody steps off the path under distraction. keeping a strong anchor to it keeps you from wandering too far off into the darkness.

    and here's what you experienced with your brother. this is a time of extremely high intensity energy interchange, and most susceptible to the effects (positive and negative) are those more sensitive to those energies. walking a path toward more enlightened being automatically makes you more open to the operation of those energies. so the stomach of nerves you're experiencing is the energy aftermath of your brother's worrying passed onto you. because of your compassion, you rewarded him with encouraging blessings, but sucked all his bad energy away in the process. that's just part of the deal of being compassionate. you also have to lift the other's burden by taking it for them. it's their pain you fell, not your own. that's why, as a being of higher enlightenment (a fancy shmancy way of saying higher vibrational frequency of awareness), you also are gifted with the ability to drown out those low frequency nerves in your tum tum with the higher frequency vibrations of love, which destroy the negative effects of lower frequency vibes. all you gotta do is focus your mind on something to love, and feel it. and the tummy ache goes away. and what you think is worry really isn't. you feel that way, and then your mind tries to rationalize why you're feeling that way because it can't explain it, so it starts to look for excuses to worry, which perpetuates the negative feeling. so focus instead on something to love, and let it feel you into a happy tummy. ;)

  • anav72
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    It is normal to want to be strong for people we care about it makes us feel strong even if just for a moment in time. The act of advising or helping loved one through an obstacle moves us further away from our own misery or hardship. We all do it from time to time, and it seems to me that you have acknowledged this so called hypocrisy so it's all good, nothing to lose sleep over. You'll get through this, I promise!!!!

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    But that's the point, isn't it? If we were all perfect, what would be the point of being here? We must continue to learn and grow - when we're done, we're dead.

    Don't beat yourself up - life and spiritual growth are a process.

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    1 decade ago

    Once you realize that there is an ideal to live to as there is with any morality then as imperfect humans we will fall short of that ideal. That doesn't mean we shouldn't teach that ideal or attempt to achieve that ideal. It is only the people that have no morality that are not hypocritical.

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