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    Influence DMFC(direct methyl alcohol fuel cell) function of the factor have a lot,in addition to in addition to parameter,

    MEA catalyst layer, air proliferation layer,

    proton commutation film's etc.

    also has the air discharge that temperature, density,

    discharge and cathode of the methyl alcohol aqueous solution of sun extremity carry etc.

    operation parameter, all will cause the influence on DMFC function.

    This text usage acryl crawls forward to flow a way,

    in addition to changing liquid discharge and the air discharge that cathode carry of sun extremity,

    also change cathode to carry in the meantime and the direction of the fuel import and export of sun extremity,

    and by the effect diagram of I-V-P to compare the analysis and study of its effect and function stability diagram.

    Get to,from the experiment the change liquid discharge will influence effect, discharge more the high performance are more good and the discharge more low effect is more bad.

    But change air discharge,

    then have no to the effect obvious of change.Reason for the low liquid discharge will cause behind the discharge carry of the oxygen fuel isn't enough, make effect low,

    therefore change the discharge is also one of impact factor that will influence battery effect.

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    Affects DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) the performance factor to have many, besides MEA catalyst level, gas diffusion layer, parameters and so on proton exchange membrane, but also has positive terminal methyl alcohol operating parameters and so on peroxide solution temperature, density, current capacity and cloudy violent air flow, all will have the influence to the DMFC performance. This article uses the acrylic fabric the serpentuate flow channel, besides change positive terminal liquid flow and cloudy violent air flow, also simultaneously changes the cloudy extreme and the positive terminal fuel import and export direction, and compares its potency as well as the stable property chart analysis and the discussion because of the I-V-P potency chart. Obtains by the experiment, the change liquid flow will affect the potency, the current capacity high efficiency is better, a current capacity lower potency will be worse. But change air flow, to potency and not obvious change. Reason low will create after the liquid flow the current capacity end's oxygen fuel is insufficient, causes the potency to be low, therefore the change current capacity also will affect one of battery potency influencing factors.

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