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Do laptop batterys run out/die?

Ive had my laptop for about 5 months and its currently only running from the mains electric. whereas it used to charge itself then i could unplug it and use it. But now when i unplug it it just switches off. Is my battery dead or have i switched settings without realising?

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    Generally, if you keep your laptop plugged in you'll also kill the battery life, but like a few others have said, all batteries will die.

    I've killed two batteries on my dell laptop which i bought in july of 2006, one thing I've learned though is that is you intend to use it as a desktop replacement, keep the battery out unless you're taking it away from a power source.

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    All batteries die eventually. However, your laptop battery should last for at least a few years.

    I don't think it is something to do with switching settings--my laptop doesn't have a setting similar to what you are describing. It certainly seems like there is something defective about your laptop. You probably still have a warranty on your laptop given by the manufacturer if you bought it less than a year ago.

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    Absolutely. Laptop batteries, like any other battery, will eventually die; but 5 months is a little too fast. Especially if it was new. If it is still under warranty, consider getting a new one.

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    batteries can die if you dont charge them for a long time, say a month or so. This is true for all kinds of batteries that if you dont use them, they could completely die. So you most likely need a new battery

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    that battery should be fine, sounds like a problem with the charging circuitry or the connections, which i have seen a lot of in laptop batteries, especially if you are not useing a very clean power source

    In case your wondering that would be 60 hz sine wave with 110 volts (USA), it happens a lot if you travel or run off a generator because power in a car, plane, ship will not be clean compaired to power at home.

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    Eventually after a period of time, everything passes its use by date. All you need to do it visit an electronics store near you and ask for a battery that suits your laptop.

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    The average life of a battery is 18 months if its brand new. Its starts to get weaker and finally dies.

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    The battery is most likely permanently dead.

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    Yeah, all batteries/chargers will EVENTUALLY run out and die.

    But the time the batteries/chargers lasts all vary.

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    all batteries die

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