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Are my eyes blue, green, gray, or a mixture between the three?

Okay, so I was always told that my eyes are blue. But now I am starting to question that. I look in the mirror and sometimes my eyes look dark blue. Sometimes they look blue-green. Sometimes they look blue-gray. I even have a picture of me with black eyes, even though I was in a lighted room.

If it helps, both of my parents have brown eyes. I think my dad's mom has dark brown eyes. My dad's dad has green eyes that sometimes look blue. My mom's mom has blue eyes.


And sometimes they don't look blue at all. Like a green-gray. Sorry I forgot to mention that

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    ppl with greenish blue eyes tend to have theirs change colors frequsntly

    i have blackish eyes sometimes they turn greyish to light brown

    its really weird

    a lot of it depds on you mood and if your pupil is dialated or not

    cuz that affects how much light is pulled in towards your eyes

    you know how cameleons change color

    its kidna like that

    there are color pigments in your eyes

    and certain pigments at different times get bigger than teh other and stand out more

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    blue eyes

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    my eyes love to change colour, especially with what i'm wearing. i have hazel eyes, and they change from blue/green, blue/green/brown, etc. your eyes might be hazel! especially if they change like that.

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