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Utopianism definition?

can someone give me a brief definition of utopianism and how the united states government has been influenced by it?

thanks :)

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    the belief in a perfect existence a perfect world where no war famine disease or arguments occur every one loves each other

    this can not exist it will never exist cause with out the polar opposites to all of the things listed above you cannot know what it is like to be happy or to be full cause you are all ways full you have never experienced hunger

    if it exists its a plague upon the people it belongs to cause it will decay eventually perhaps that's why atlantis disappeared cause it Finally came to ruin because it was to perfect

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    That goes back to France. It was the American and French revolutions that caused everyday folk to consider that their societies were not fair or just. In response to the monarchies of the day and the vast differences between the commoners and the elite, the notion of an "ideal society" (utopia) became part of the day to day thinking of most people.

    Most of framers of the US Constitute were exposed to education and that education often included some basic precepts of philosophy which questioned the social order.

    Various themes emerged that proposed ideal societies -- capitalism, fascism, communism, etc. were the different opinions of what constituted the ideal society. It was due tot he power and wealth of the monarchy and the elite that lead tot he notion of each citizen (well, many of them) having individual rights as citizens.

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    Perfect society. It was a founding fathers idea I suppose, but as you can tell it wasn't brought to fruition.

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    perfect society. its everyones goal to reach a perfect society where everyone is was written in the constitution

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