Going to New York in September, what should I?

Hey there! :)

Well, I'm going to New York for the first time ever :") I'm not 100% sure if my boyfriend's going with me or if I'm going alone. I will be there for a week and I'm so excited but a bit nervous.

-What's the average cost of food a day if I eat at nationwide fast food restaurants?

-What's a good locally owned pizza or hot dog place to eat at?

-What are the fares for the buses if I want to go around the city during the day?

-A good night club?

-Must see/do in New York?

-How's the weather in September (19-27)?

-On a bus, how do I get to Atlantic City, New Jersey?

Thank you so much! :D

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    I just got back from New York City (was there over Easter) and this was my fourth visit. It is an amazing city. The closest visit I made to your time frame was in early September last year (around the 10th) and I roasted. I think you will be fine if you have a windbreaker with you (in case of cooler evenings or rain). You can always buy a sweater if you need to.

    Depending upon the kind of restaurants you like to eat at, you could spend about $60US a day on meals. I spend about half of that (I stay at the HI Hostel at Amsterdam and 103rd and I get a piece of fruit and a bagel/cream cheese for breakfast (less than $5), I eat out at a nice restaurant for lunch, and then I have soup and a sandwhich for less than $10 in the evening). If you like expensive restaurants, I suggest that a) you make reservations well in advance or you have your main meal at lunch time, which is cheaper. As for hotdogs, I am partial to Nathans in Coney Island.

    Currently the fare for transit in NYC is $2...coins only and no pennies. That is expected to go up in May and service is being reduced (budget cuts). I will say though that the NYC bus/subway system is amazing, albeit the floors are FILTHY! I am handicapped but I was able to access every single bus in all five boroughs and the transit drivers were great!

    I can't help you with the nightclub as I don't drink but I am sure others can fill you in on that.

    What to see/do? Well that depends on what you like. You could start with the Metropolitan Museum of Art (absolutely amazing but there is no way you can do it all in one visit) but visiting individual attactions can be quite expensive.

    Have you heard of the City Pass?


    You can visit SIX famous New York attractions for just $80...over a nine day period: Empire State Building Observatory; American Museum of Natural History & Rose Center; Guggenheim Museum; The Museum of Modern Art; The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters; Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises OR Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island. That is a tremendous value and that should keep you busy. And if you still need things to do, check out the Bronx Zoo, Central Park, Coney Island (looking a little worse for wear right now but still worth a walk along AND it is free!).

    As for Atlantic City, you go to the Port Authority Building at 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. You buy a ticket and they tell you what platform you need to line up at to board the bus.

    One last thing...which guidebooks are you using? I am quite partial to the Lonely Planet guide and also the one from DK! And are you staying in a hostel or a hotel?

    Good luck!

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    New York city is warm and pleasant in September. High is mid 70's. If you are going into new york state it gets a little cooler but still comfortable.

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