waht do you think of the names...?

riley, hayden, noah, jayden, jessie, bailey ,cheyden, drew, ashley, billie jean, bradlee, stanley, leah, jordan whats your fave plz help[ suitable for both boiis and gurls]

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    My faves are Hayden, Jessie, Leah and Jordan.

  • Riley, Hayden, Noah, Jessie, Drew, Billie, Bradlee, Stanley I prefer for boys.

    Jayden, Bailey, Cheyden, Ashley, Jean, Leah, Jordan I prefer for girls.

    My fav for the boys is Noah, and the girls, Bailey, out of your names!

    Other unisex names (some seem to lean more towards one gender) are










    Good luck! =D

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    Riley :: Like it on a boy. Only a boy. Where it belongs.

    Hayden :: No more with the "ayden" craze. I know 24 Aidens/Jaydens/Cadens/Haydens/Braydens etc.. And really only a boy's name.

    Noah :: No way could Noah be a girl's name. Very cute for a boy though.

    Jayden :: See Hayden ^^

    Jessie :: Spelt like that, it looks like a nickname for Jessica. It's nice. I adore Jesse for a boy though.

    Bailey :: Prefer this on a boy, although it's not bad on a girl.

    Cheyden :: Please don't make up more "ayden" names. And that sounds horrible anyway. It sounds like "chewed".

    Drew :: Hate it on a girl, but it's nice as a nickname for Andrew.

    Ashley :: It's a bit odd for a boy to be called Ashley now, even though it is a boy's name.

    Billie Jean :: All I ever think is the Michael Jackson song.

    Bradlee :: Spelt properly- Bradley, it's very nice for a boy. Horrible for a girl.

    Stanley :: How could you ever put that on a girl? It's not even nice for a boy.

    Leah :: That's just a girl's name. It's not bad. Common, but not bad.

    Jordan :: It's alright, but again, really popular.

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    I would only use Riley and Hayden for girls.

    I would never name my child Jayden, Cheyden (what is up with this name), or Ashley.

    Bailey is what you should name your dog.

    Billie Jean's initials are going to be BJ.. people will be immature about that.

    Leah and Jordan are cute names for girls.

    Source(s): my dogs name is Bailey.. my best friends name is Billie Jean and she curses her parents
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    1 decade ago

    Riley i love for a girl

    Hayden - is cute for a boy or girl but i like it better for a girl

    Noah - love this name

    Jayden - Starting to like it better for a girl

    Bailey - again for a girl very cute name

    cheyden - not to sure what to think about this name

    Drew -cute

    Ashely - nice for a girl tho

    Billie jean - not a fan at all

    Bradlee - cute for a boy

    Stanley - not a fan fora girl at all and not really for a boy either

    Leah - very cute for a girl

    Jordan - cute 4 either gender

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    I like so many of those names!

    My faves are, riley, hayden, noah, and jayden!

    Billie Jean? Lol really?


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    I like hayden, noah, jayden, and drew for boys. I kinda like jessie for a girl but my favorite girl names are KateLyn and Rosalie.

  • kbert.
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    riley - love for a girl!

    hayden - for a girl ; haden - for a boy

    noah - love it for both!

    jayden - don't like at all

    jessie - don't like at all

    bailey - love for a girl!

    cheyden - very different, but cute

    drew - love for girl!

    ashley - too common

    billie jean - are you serious?!

    bradlee - ehh, it's okay.

    stanley - ugly

    leah - very cute !

    jordan - don't like at all.

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    riley-Kind cute for both boys and girls. Def a Cutesy name.

    hayden-Good for a boy. I despise it for a girl! Too manish!

    noah-Very popular, I'd never use it because of popularity

    jayden-also too popular. I know girls and boys with this name.

    jessie-Kinda old school to me. reminds me of like 80s rockers, or Jessie Spannow from Saved by the bell.

    bailey-Cutesy again, I know lots of dogs with the name!

    cheyden-No no no

    drew-Nice guys name.

    ashley-Pretty. My sis' name

    billie jean-reminds me of the song. I like Bobby Jane better for a girl

    bradlee-I like it spelled Bradley best. Only for a boy.

    stanley-Uncles name. Dont like

    leah-Nice, old fashioned, More modern spelling i like is Lia.

    jordan-OK. know many boys AND girls with this name.

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    1 decade ago

    my fave for girls and boys r leah or jordan

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