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How is it to live in Belleville, IL?

Im most likely moving to Southern Illinoiswith my USAF Fiance....just wondering how traumatizing the change will be since im from Brooklyn,NYC.

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    Belleville is a really nice small city and has some very reasonable good housing. You will certainly have to get used to a different life style from Brooklyn. Lack of good public transportation, slower pace living, suburban vs urban and lack of small stores and restaurants which are open later. You won't be able to get a full dinner at midnight like in NY.

    It will be a change but might be nice to experience a slower more laid back midwest place for a bit.

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    I was stationed at Scott AFB about 10 years ago. Still work here. I lived in Belleville at 1st, but it is quickly going down the tubes as East St. Louis moves up the hill. There are some nice small communities w/in 20 miles of the base.

    This sure ain't NYC. Strangers will talk to you on the train! Friendly like too! I like it in the area for the most part. Enjoy.

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    Belleville is 45,000 ppl. It has a few high school. There is less crime, and there are 92 sworn police officers and I know many of them and they do a great job protecting the community. I go to a college in Belleville but im leaving soon, but it very nice place.

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