What is the title of this Lifetime movie?

This movie took place a few decades ago. A white woman was raped and had a biracial baby girl as a result. She gave it up for adoption and when the little girl grew up tried to find her mother. I enjoyed what I saw but I had to go out and couldn't finish it. I'd love to search for it online or try to watch it next time it comes on, but I can't seem to find it online...


No, it wasn't America. The little girl was raised by her foster mother, and then adopted by a white couple when she was about 10 yrs old. She was prompted to look for her biological mother when she was pregnant and her dr. asked about her family medical history.

Update 2:

Charlie- thank you, that was a great suggestion, but when I looked at the pictures on the IMDB site, it wasn't the same movie... It may have been an American remake of that movie though? Yes, I believe the movie took place in the 50's or 60's even. I have been looking for this movie ALL day with no luck yet!! Thanks for the help everyone, I hope we can find the answer soon! hehe

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    My wife and I collaborate on answers here on Yahoo!. She says that two heads are better than one so she suggested this movie. But I don't think it's the right one:

    Secrets & Lies (1996)--A British film, maybe?

    Starring: Brenda Blethyn, Claire Rushbrook, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Timothy Spall


    An emotionally vulnerable, middle-aged London factory worker is stunned when the mixed-race daughter she gave up for adoption decades earlier decides to track her down. The new addition proves to be a much-needed tonic for her long-lost mum, who has begun to crumble with loneliness and the recognition that her brother and other daughter have lives of their own, which don’t include her. Mike Leigh’s award-winning drama is a bona fide tearjerker, featuring a heartbreaking turn by Brenda Blethyn as the distraught mother.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0117589/maindetails


    Deep in My Heart (1999) (TV)--An adopted woman (Gloria Reuben), diagnosed with a severe medical condition is forced to find her birth mother in this fact-based story. Her search leads her to the discovery that her mother (Anne Bancroft) was white and had been raped by a black man in 1961 Boston. She gave the child up to a black foster mother (Lynn Whitfield), who had been forced to give the child up at age 7. She was then adopted by white parents, which left her life in turmoil. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0186948/

    (Originally shown on CBS; Anne Bancroft won an Emmy)

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    Oh snap, that is like the synopsis of about half of all Lifetime's movies. I don't remember seeing it, but I'm gonna look for it now. Let me know if there's anything else you can remember. Like if you recognized any of the actors/actresses and can remember them from other movies.

    Edit: ok well I haven't found it yet, and I'm gonna keep looking, but here is the link in case you want to try and find it yourself.

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    I think that Charlie nailed it. I saw the same made-for-TV movie when it first premiered.

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    Is it called "America"?

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