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Who would you have on your dream baseball team?

If you could have any players on your team from any time and on any team, then who would you have? Choose all the starting positions and have a 4 man starting rotation and 1 reliever.

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    EDIT: Roberto Clemente's fielding is very overrated. His arm is still unequaled in baseball, but he made so many throwing errors. His arm overshadowed his mediocre fielding. He didn't deserve 12 gold gloves. He deserved Gold Gloves, but not twelve. And ok, you take Clemente's four batting titles, and I'll have Williams' six batting titles and four homerun crowns. Besides, Teddy has led the league in OPS ten times. Clemente? Zero. Williams has led in OBP twelve times. Clemente? Zero. Remember, Williams did this all in an era that was less favorable to hitters compared to Clemente, and he missed time to two wars.

    EDIT: You may say wins aren't important, but there is something to consider. Ryan led his team in wins four times. THat's horrible. If you're one of the best pitchers in history, why are you the winningest pitcher on your OWN TEAM only four times in 27 years? And obviously you know nothing about comparing players from different eras. Honus Wagner, at shortstop, had a .940 FP. The leagues SS FP during his career? .926. How about Omar? .984 to .972. THat's twelve to fourteen. Wagner was the better shortstop, and by far, the much, much, much, much, much better baserunner and hitter. And why do you push Ripken to third? He's played nearly four times as many games at short than at third. Ryan played on horrible teams? So the .524 WP for teams he played for is horrible? Walter Johnson played on horrible teams. If you adjust his stats to being on an average team, his record improves to 487-174. Pitchers ERA's were lower when Ryan played compared to Maddux. Ryan has two era titles, Maddux four. That's all the proof I need. And as for the walks, I never said 50% of Ryan's walks. I was reffering to 50% of Carlton's walks. Let's not turn this into a big argument, if you want to, e-mail me so we can share our opinions.

    EDIT: I guess I became a top contributer, Steven, by not saying that Jeff Kent is the best second baseman ever, Willie Stargell is the best first baseman ever, Mike Piazza is the best catcher ever, and Robb Nen is the best closer. Sure, Piazza had hitting skills, but Berra had more, in my opinion, and also had much, much better fielding. Bench's fielding isn't comparable to Piazza, and his offense is still fantastic. And by the way, Clemente's heart won't help you win a ball game.

    EDIT: I don't see why Omar Vizquel is on your team. If you want to pick a defensive shortstop, how about picking the man who is by far the best hitting shortstop and arguably the best fielding shortstop in the history of baseball, the one and only, Honus Wagner.

    EDIT: Nolan Ryan does not have multiple Cy Young awards, he has ZERO Cy Young awards. Would you like to know how many perfect games he has? Zero. So how come a guy with zero perfect games has seven no-hitters? That's an easy one. He leads baseball in walks by a margin larger than 50%. He's only led his league in wins four times. Four times in a twenty-seven year career. That's why.

    EDIT: To everybody who said Nolan Ryan, I see no reason to pick him. Please explain to me why you would choose him on your team?

    1B: Lou Gehrig

    2B: Rogers Hornsby

    3B: Mike Schmidt

    SS: Honus Wagner

    OF: Babe Ruth

    OF: Mickey Mantle

    OF: Willie Mays

    C: Yogi Berra

    Starting Rotation:

    Walter Johnson

    Lefty Grove

    Greg Maddux

    Pedro Martinez

    * I would put Young, Paige, and Clemens in my rotation, but they aren't as quality. Their careers were helped by longativity.

    Reliever: Mariano Rivera

    DESIGNATED HITTER: If I could choose anyone, I'd go with Ted Williams in a heartbeat. The only reason he's not in the top three is fielding, and speed. As for a player who played DH, I guess I'd choose Paul Molitor.

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    First off how could you leave Sandy Koufax out of your starting rotations? Secondly there are a lot of roiders on your lists.

    C=Roy Campanella

    1st=Albert Pujols

    2nd=Ryne Sandberg

    SS=Cal Ripken

    3rd=Brooks Robinson

    OF=Ichiro Suzuki

    OF=Ted Williams

    OF=Willy Mays

    Note: Great balance in hitting, speed, power, and defense. Each player was known not only for thier hitting but also for their exceptional defensive skills.

    Starting 4

    1. Sandy Koufax

    2. Greg Maddux

    3. Bob Gibson

    4. Randy Johnson

    Notes: Each dominated like no other in thier era and did it clean also each was the ace of their team and the key pitcher when they won the World Series.


    1. Eric Gagne

    (Steroids or not the guy made the Dodger a team to watch from 2002-2005 Ill never forget him.)

    2. Trevor Hoffman

    (All time saves leader never won a championship but at least he didnt blow it for his team*cough*Mariano*cough*)

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    These are my picks:

    1B: Lou Gehrig

    2B: Rod Carew

    3B: Alex Rodriguez

    SS: Cal Ripken Jr.

    C: Yogi Berra

    LF: Manny Ramirez

    CF: Babe Ruth

    RF: Hank Aaron


    1. Christy Mathewson

    2. Nolan Ryan

    3. Ed Walsh

    4. Sandy Koufax


    Mariano Rivera


    1B: Jimmie Foxx

    2B: Jackie Robinson

    3B: Mike Schmidt

    C: Johnny Bench

    OF: Joe Dimaggio, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams

    SP: Bob Gibson, Walter Johnson, Tom Seaver, Roger Clemens.

    RP: Goose Gossage, Rollie Fingers

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    Starters- Bob Gibson, Nolan Ryan, Juan Marichal, Greg Maddux, Randy Johnson

    Closer- Robb Nen

    C- Mike Piazza

    1B- Willie McCovey

    2B- Jeff Kent

    SS- Omar Vizquel (we need defense too!!)

    3B- Mike Schmidt

    LF- Barry Bonds

    CF- Willie Mays

    RF- Roberto Clemente

    DH- Hank Aaron

    I'd have Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Pete Rose, Ichiro and Ty Cobb coming off the bench!

    Add: ALLEGED ROIDERS!! I thought you were innocent until proven guilty. I guess not, in the public's eye. Either way, I'd still have Barry, pre-roiding. And I left Koufax off cuz he's a f**king Dodger!

    Add: If you're going to get your info off of wikipedia, read the whole thing and don't just copy. Explain to me how leading the next pitcher by 962 when you have 2,795, leads to leading by 50%. That's 34%. You say that like it's the worst thing ever, after dismissing the fact that he DID play 27 years! Break it down and you'll find that it's 120BB per year. Average his strikeouts and it's 246 per year. That's a 2 to 1 ratio!! ALL this and his lifetime ERA is 3.19!! Greg Maddux was 3.15. And your emphasis on wins is innane. He played for bad teams his whole career. Wins are overrated, and anyone that knows the game knows that. Tim Lincecum would have had 25 wins on a good team last year. He only got 17 because the team was garbage. In 1987 he went 8-16 with a 2.76 ERA!!!! He was a stud, and I'd take him over Pedro EVERY time!

    Add: Omar is an 11 time gold glove winner and the most durable shortstop ever(I'm throwing Cal over to third for this arguement)! If you exclude last year when he was hurt with the Giants, he averaged 136 games a year for 19 years at, next to catcher, the most demading position on the field. Sure, Wagner was a better hitter, but his .945 fielding percentage doesn't even come close to Omar's .984!! Not to mention that Wagner hardly ever played SS, and when he did his fielding percentage was even worse; .918, .893.... I'm beating a dead horse, lets just say his BEST year was 1917 when it was 1.000!!! He made one play. His next best year? 1912 and 1913 when he had .962. His lifetime average at SS was .940. Not only is Omar better by 44 points, he made the SPECTACULAR plays as well as the routine plays! Best fielding SS EVER!! Certainly underrated.

    Add: I picked Piazza and Kent because they were SERVICEABLE in the field, and DOMINANT at the plate! The question wasn't who is the best, it was who do you want! And I want these guys on my team because they're both blue-collar, hard-nosed motherf**kers! Kent's defense was grossly underrated, as was Piazza's + his ability to call a game. Their presense at the plate most certainly makes up for that. I'm sure that they're "runs-i-cost-my-team" to "runs-i-created-for-my-team" ratio is EASILY as high as Bench, Berra and/or Hornsby!

    Add: I don't need Clemente's heart. I will, however, take his 12 Gold Gloves, ALL consecutive!, his lifetime .317 average, his lifetime .834 OPS, his 94 runs and 87RBI's per season, and his 200 hits per season.

    Add: Robb Nen was not the best closer ever, but his stuff was electric and his heart was through the roof. He basically gave his career trying to get the Giants the World Series title in 2002(they didn't lose because of him) and was unhittable in his prime! His career WHIP was1.213, Rivera's is 1.019. Not all that different and their ERA's and Saves per year are similarly close, therefore calling one better than the other is just opinions and semantics. And don't bring up Rivera's postseason success. Nen flourished in the playoffs when he got there and never blew up in Arizona.

    Add: Willie Stargel-You're right, I'm going with Big Mac now. I'm also replacing Tom Seaver with Juan Marichal. Gotta love fantasy!

    Source(s): Why pick Nolan Ryan? Uh... most strikeouts, most no hitters, multiple cy youngs, most dominant right hander ever... I dunno. How did you become a TC in baseball?? What a stupid question.
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    SP-Nolan Ryan

    SP-Roger Clemens

    SP-Cy Young

    SP-Satchel Paige

    RP-Eric Gagne(If eh's in his prime)

    C-Johnny Bench

    1B-Lou Gehrig

    2B-Rogers Hornsby

    3B-Mike Mike SchmidtSS-Honus Wagner

    OF-Joe Dimaggio

    OF-Hank Aaron

    OF-Willie Mays

    DH-Babe Ruth

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    catcher: yogi berra

    1st: lou gerhrig

    2nd: joe morgan

    3rd: wade boggs

    Short: A-rod

    Left: ted williams

    Center: mickey mantle

    Right: babe ruth

    Pitchers: lefty grove, randy johnson, roger clemens, nolan ryan

    Reliever: mariano rivera

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