what famous people live in or are from akron ohio?

im doing a research project and i need to know what famous people live in or are from akron ohio?

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    Celebrities born in Akron, Ohio include:

    Vivek Shah (1987)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 7/15/1987

    Angie Everhart (1969)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 9/6/1969

    Melina Kanakaredes (1967)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 4/23/1967

    Jim Jarmusch (1953)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 1/22/1953

    Ray Wise (1947)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 8/29/1947

    Sydne Rome (1947)

    Born: Akron, Ohio

    Elizabeth Franz (1941)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 6/18/1941

    Lola Albright (1925)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 7/20/1925

    Hugh Downs (1921)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 2/14/1921

    Cheryl Crawford (b. 1902 - d. 1986)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 9/24/1902

    Rowland Brown (b. 1900 - d. 1963)

    Born: Akron, Ohio on 11/6/1900

    Andrew Lukich

    Born: Akron, Ohio

    Dickson Hughes

    Born: Akron, Ohio

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    Besides LeBron James, I believe Goodrich and Firestone as well as the Stan Hewyt Hall owner (might have been Stan!) were from Akron. If you have time, see if Akron has an Historical Society because they could help alot.

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    Apart from the people previously mentioned ...

    The rock group Devo


    Chrissy Hynde of The Pretenders ... she actually used the name of a suburb of Akron (Cuyahoga Falls) in one of her songs.


    Thomas Edison's wife Mina was from Akron. As a matter of fact, they got married in Akron, in this house:


    I know that little fact because that house has been divided into apartments, and I lived on the 3rd floor there about 20 years ago. (the window right behind the flag in the top picture was my bedroom window)

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    Art Arfons World Record holder

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    Judith resnick astronaut ara Parseghian football coach of N.D. Ray wise actor,margaret hamilton the witch in the wizard of oz,hugh down he was on 20/20

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    Kevin Junior nee Gerber

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    LeBron James

  • who knows

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