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What are some insect killing pesticides?

I have a science fair project to do and need to test the effect of pesticides on plants... can You give me the name of some please

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    The first decision to make when selecting a pesticide is what formulation to use. A formulation is the way the pesticide active ingredient is mixed with inert ingredients to make it convenient and effective to use. Factors that influence the choice of formulation include cost, convenience in mixing and use, effectiveness against your target pest and safety. The following table describes the most important types of insecticide formulations and how they should be used.

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    the act of growing food on purpose for consumption kills insects, birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. Cultivation and mowing takes out birds nests and kills earthworms along with the millions of different lifeforms that live in the soil. Organic farmers do indeed use natural pesticides to control insects and diseases (which are also lifeforms-viruses, bacteria and fungii) as well as using beneficial animals to control pest insect populations (lots of killing going on in that scenario) Harvesting long term crops such as wheat, soy beans, etc will kill millions of lives per acre be it organic or conventional agriculture Walking kills lots of life forms, driving a car even more so. So should Vegans stay indoors and never go anywhere? Face it in order for you to live something has to die-that is life

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