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how come nobody likes randy orton?

yesterday a user from the section post a question saying randy orton sucks and does anybody agree. so there were like 20 answers saying randy orton is boring and he only does 3 moves. me being like wonder woman i tried to stck up for randy orton because theres nothing wrong with him. so they attacked me by giving me 7 thumbs down lol i was like omg so much hostility. how come nobody likes randy orton?????

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    I like Randy, He is a all round good performer but I have to agree with _J_ & Dragon on this, Randy is kind of dull on the Mic & his Wrestling skills aren't all that Impressive, His demeanor is very Bland.

    I think this whole Mcmahon/Legacy feud is dumb and point-less now and makes no since!, It lost my interest after Orton lost at Mania (He should have Won) but Ok ? Orton punts the Boss in the head, assaults his Son & Daughter, and Has no actions taken against him, Instead he is awarded with another Title Shot, What ?, They could have at least added a suspension or a fine to the Storyline to make it more believable and realistic, Instead Orton is getting a Title Shot for every Punt!, this feud is just falling apart right at the very end & becoming less realistic.

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    Randy Orton's Getting A Title Push, Being Former WWE Champion And All, Maybe Cena Will Win At The 3 Hour Edition Of RAW Who Knows?

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    Randy Orton is a great heel. Simple as that...

    People hate his character because of what he has been doing as of late.

    Dragon[RAW] does make a great point though. He's playing this "cartoon character"-ish villain that isn't really believable. And the fact that he hasn't been punished (legally) for what he's "done"...makes the storyline that much more far-fetched. So maybe that is why some people dislike him....or more, his character.

    But it's not Orton I blame for that. Dragon[RAW] did mention something about Randy 'insulting his intelligence', and while I respect his opinion; I don't really agree with it.

    If there is anyone to blame for "insulting our intelligence", that would be Vince McMahon and his writers. But as long as this story-line continues, so will this insane character named Randy Orton!

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    Randy Orton is the youngest World Champion and a third-generation superstar!He is awesome and the Age Of Orton will be continuing before the end of this year!

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    Randy Orton is Awesome.

    He SHOULD be WWE Champion Right Now...but of course Triple McNose can't Lose Cleanly , especially Not at WrestleMania for Fear of His Spot. Douche...

    At least Randy is somewhat Entertaining , and puts on a Interesting Match , where the Outcome isn't Blatantly Obvious *Cough* Batista *Cough* Triple H...

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    I actually like Randy Orton a lot and he is one of my favorite wrestlers. People just probably hate him because he is an amazing heel and one of the best heels in the wwe today. People are naturally supposed to hate the heels and if they hate him that much, he is obviously doing a great job of acting like a bad guy. I think he is a good wrestler and he has excellent mic skills.

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    Randy Orton is in my top 5 favorite wrestlers but its because hes a heel not many WWE fans like heels

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    Randy Orton is the WWE's future.

    A good overall wrestler, and THE BEST hell in the wwe right now.

    Draws immense heat.

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    I Like Randy Orton. He's Hardcore-like. Yes, He really is The Legend Killer.

  • Anonymous
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    I really Enjoy Randy as a Heel. What I do not understand is why is John Cena So Popular with the Fans?

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