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Got any good song recommendations?

What are the best songs everyone has heard from 2005 onwards? I'm looking to update my ipod and I want other people's recommendations. Anything that blew you away.

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    Bring me the horizon - chelsea smile

    Breathe carolina - the birds and the bees

    Kill paradise - fall from a star

    Frankmusik - better of as two

    3OH!3- don't trust me

    Metro sation - control

    Nevershoutnever - losing it

    Kings of leon - use somebody

    Amy can flyy - go go gadget happy heart

    Tyga - cali love

    The audtion - warm me up

    attack attack - stick sickly

    eatmewhileimhot - mother may i


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    300-Nothing In This World 03:12 Paris Hilton

    301-LDN 03:08 Lily Allen

    302-Tell Me 'Bout It 02:38 Joss Stone

    303-Candy Man 03:14 Christina Aguilera

    304-Oooh 04:22 Ciara

    305-Beautiful Liar 03:29 Beyonce+Shakira

    306-Be Good To Me 03:14 Ashley Tisdale

    307-Makes Me Wonder 03:31 Maroon 5

    308-Until Yesterday 05:12 JC Chasez

    309-Never Again 03:37 KELLY CLARKSON

    310-She's My Man 05:31 Scissor Sisters

    311-Real Gone 03:22 Sheryl Crow

    312-Umbrella 04:19 Rhianna

    313-With Love 02:44 Hillary Duff

    314-What Goes Around...Comes Around 07:31 Justin Timberlake

    315-Do You Know 03:41 Enrique Iglesias

    316-Rehab 03:55 Amy Winehouse

    317-Like This 03:40 Kelly Rowland

    318-Last Night 06:26 Diddy

    319-Cupids Chokehold 04:04 Gym Class Heroes

    320-One And Only 04:17 Timbaland ft. Fallout Boy

    321-Mika - Love Today 03:57 Mika

    322-That Old Pair of Jeans 04:44 Fatboy Slim

    323-Catch You 03:18 Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    324-All of Your Love 02:56 Hellogoodbye

    325-Blowin' Me Up With Her Love 04:50 JC Chasez

    326-Little Miss Perfect 03:26 Abs

    327-Black Coffee 04:51 All Saints

    328-All For You 04:24 Janet Jackson

    329-Heartbreaker 04:14 Mariah Carey ft. Jay Z

    330-The World Is Outside 03:36 Ghosts

    331-Like A Boy 03:57 Ciara

    332-Give It To Me 03:55 Timbaland; Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake

    333-Bounce 03:46 Tarkan

    334-Stranger 04:11 Hilary Duff

    335-El Impacto 03:27 Daddy Yankee

    336-Beautiful Girls 03:44 Sean Kingston

    337-Suga Mama 03:26 Beyoncé

    338-The Sweet Escape 04:07 Gwen Stefani Feat. Akon

    339-Glamorous 04:07 Fergie Feat. Ludacris

    340-Do Ya Think I'm Sexy 04:33 Paris Hilton

    341-LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude 07:26 Justin Timberlake

    342-Kiss You Off 05:02 Scissor Sisters

    343-Stronger 05:15 Kanye West

    344-Wake Up Call 04:06 Maroon 5

    345-Do It Well 03:08 Jennifer Lopez

    346-Clothes Off 03:55 Gym Class Heroes Featuring Patrick Stump

    347-Gimme More 04:11 Britney Spears

    348-The Way I Are 03:01 Timbaland

    349-Please Don't Stop the Music 04:27 Rihanna

    350-Relax, Take It Easy 03:47 Mika

    351-Two Hearts 02:51 Kylie Minogue

    352-You Know I'm No Good 04:18 Amy whinehouse

    353-Hot stuff 03:39 Craig David

    354-Work 03:08 Kelly Rowland

    355-Me and My Girlfriend (Bonnie & Clyde) 03:27 Jay Z Feat Beyonce

    356-Clumsy 04:01 Fergie

    357-Now That You Got It 03:00 Gwen Stefani

    358-Do It 03:29 Nelly Furtado

    359-Feedback 03:58 Janet Jackson

    360-4 Minutes 03:09 Madonna

    361-(Crack It) Something Going On 03:49 Bomfunk MC's feat Jessica Folcker

    362-Self Control 03:58 Soraya Arnelas

    363-Now You're Gone 02:35 Basshunter

    364-Come On Girl 03:45 Taio Cruz

    365-She's Dangerous 04:46 Matt Pokora

    366-Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) 03:35 Ashlee Simpson

    367-Love In This Club 04:22 Usher

    368-Party People 04:28 Nelly ft. Fergie

    369-Scream 05:42 Timbaland

    370-Pose 03:37 Daddy Yankee

    371-Break The Ice 03:16 Britney Spears

    372-Can You Hear Me 03:44 Enrique Iglesias

    373-In My Arms 03:32 Kylie Minogue

    374-If I Never See Your Face Again 03:21 Maroon 5+Rihanna

    375-Flashing Lights 03:58 Kanye West

    376-Give It 2 Me 04:48 Madonna

    377-Great DJ 03:21 The Ting Tings

    378-Lollipop 03:06 Mika

    379-When I Grow Up 04:02 Pussycat Dolls

    380-Rock With U 03:56 Janet Jackson

    381-Baby When The Lights Go Off 03:28 David Guetta

    382-Disco Lies 03:23 Moby

    383-Into The Nightlife 04:01 Cyndi Lauper

    384-Killa 03:52 Cherish

    385-Disturbia 03:59 Rihanna

    386-Keeps Getting Better 03:00 Christina Aguilera

    387-Forever 04:39 Chris Brown

    388-So What 03:37 Pink

    389-Hot 'N Cold 03:40 Katy Perry

    390-Womanizer 03:44 Britney Spears

    391-Reach Out 03:27 Hillary Duff

    392-Full Service 03:56 New Kids On The Block

    393-Come Over 03:41 Estelle

    394-You're So Vain, I Bet You Think This Song I About You 05:56 Janet Jackson

    395-Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) 03:17 Beyonce

    396-Let It Go 05:16 Keyshia Cole

    397-Love Lockdown 04:31 Kanye West

    398-Miles Away 04:49 Madonna

    399-Magic 03:26 Robin Thicke

    400-Mercy 03:39 Duffy

    401-Ms Jackson 04:35 Outkast

    402-The Fear (I Don't Know) 03:28 Lily Allen

    403-Shut Up And Let Me Go 02:53 The Ting Things

    404-Genie 2.0 04:15 Christina Aguilera

    405-Right 'Round 03:26 Flo Rida

    406-Boyfriend 03:13 Alphabeat

    407-Come To Me 04:34 Diddy + Nicole Scherzinger

    408-Jai Ho 03:46 Pussycat Dolls

    409-Circus 03:12 Britney Spears

    410-Don't Trust Me 03:15 3OH!3

    411-Poker Face 03:59 Lady Gaga

    412-My Cool Adam Tensta

    413-Takin' Back My Love Enrique Iglesias + Ciara

    414-Love Sex and Magic Ciara + Justin Timberlake

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    Well, today people listen to many different types of music, from modern and old rock, to pop to jazz and blues, and anything else you can think of. Here are a few:

    Don't Stop Believin' by Journey

    Broken Strings by James Morrison

    Cable Car by The Fray

    Fix You by Coldplay

    Curbside Prophet by Jason Mraz

    Daughters by John Mayer

    Photograph by Nickelback

    Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own by U2

    It's Not Over by Daughtry

    Those are a few songs that have been popular from about 2005 to now. I'll try to tell you some more later.

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    super style, i like love love Tame Impala too. i don't be conscious of the 1st 2 bands, yet i like some Arcade hearth songs and liking Jimi Hendrix is tremendously lots a given. you're able to in all likelihood like bands like.... - MGMT, coastline dwelling house, broken Social Scene, Animal Collective, Empire of the solar, Cream, The Flaming Lips, Phoenix, etc they're tremendously psychedelic, exceedingly MGMT (they toured with Tame Impala some months in the past surely. I went to between the stay shows and it grew to become into incredible)

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    A couple of my favorite songs:

    Civil Twilight - Quiet In My town

    Great Escape-Kevin Rudolf


    The Funeral- Band of horses

    Center of attention-Jackson Waters

    No girls never know- Franz Ferdinand

    Use somebody- Kings of leon

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    well here are a couple of my favorites:

    gives you hell-all american rejects

    hot n cold-katy perry

    girlfriend-avril lavigne

    bowling for soup- high school never ends

    and many more i like a lot of songs but sorry i dont any of 2005 i dont really know the date i just listen to them!!:)


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    Look for songs by Drake, Canadian rapper, he's really hot!!!! Trust Me!!!!!! No real specifics because most of them are good.

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