18 Year old with amnesia?

I already have T.B.I (traumatic brain injury), long story short I collided with a semi-truck and smashed the right side and front of my brain along with split it in half. Causing it to sheer, one side moves forward the other side backwards. That was over 5 years ago and I've been getting a lot better since. Then this morning I woke up next to my fiance and it finally hit me that just recently my memory has for the last week or so been fading away.

Examples: on the tenth we came back home from a trip out of town, and I thought it was just a couple days ago we returned. Then I was sitting here typing this and had to stop cause I forgot what I was asking.

Is this amnesia or is there something else wrong with me?


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I don't remember anything from weeks before the accident other than me and my ex-fiance were going to get married and I don't remember anything except bits and pieces from about a year or 2 after my accident

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    There are different types of amnesia, both are common following TBI. Retrograde amnesia means you forget things before your accident. You likely had some minor retrograde amnesia following your accident (couldn't remember what you did the morning before your accident).

    Anterograde amnesia is a loss of memory for things post trauma. Meaning you are not making new memories, you probably don't remember the few days to weeks after you woke up from the accident.

    There can be cognitive side effects long term following a traumatic brain injury. including persistent anterograde amnesia. If you feels this is getting worse, or if it is someting new, you should definitely see your neurologist (if you still have one) or talk to you primary care physician to see of he/she can help or refer you to someone who can help.

    Source(s): Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
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    I wouldn't say amnesia, as that made my grandmother forget everything from the past. Maybe short term memory loss. That way things that happened recently would be easily forgotten, but things from the past remain...

    Source(s): Family filled with amnesia :]
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