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What is the meaning of "Sox" in context with baseball team names?

In example:

Boston Red Sox

Chicago White Sox

Bowie Baysox (AA)

I was told that is a Native American reference. Anyone have any knowledge on this topic?

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    The first professional baseball team ever was the Cincinnati Red Stockings (modern day Reds), named for their socks

    Most of the players left the franchise to go to Boston, and they brought the name with them - the Boston Red Stockings were formed. The Boston Red Stockings changed their name to the Boston Red Caps, then Beaneaters, then Doves, then Rustlers, and eventually the Braves in 1912.

    In 1901, a new Boston team was formed, called the Americans. In 1907, after the other Boston team (the Beaneaters at the time) eliminated all of the red in their uniform, the Americans decided to take the color over, and changed their name to Red Sox, because Sox fit into headlines more easily than Stockings.

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    Definition Of Sox

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    In the 1800s some teams were identified simply by the color socks they wore. Plain white uniforms ,colored socks. The names stuck in MLB for over 100 years.

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    It is a phonetic equivalent of "socks", referring to an item of the player uniform, and as a peculiarly spelled variant not in common usage elsewhere, it is trademarkable.

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  • It is just a modernized version of stockings that was used before 1900.

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    Socks is the only logical one

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    it refers to the color of the hosiery they in socks......

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