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Okay... My mom won $25,000 on a $5 scratch off with the Ohio lottery. Is there a processing time?

Will she have to wait to get the money? She is taking it to the Nationwide bank downtown Columbus and I'm at school wondering if she will get it today. I'm very anxious. She took the ticket to the store where she got it and they printed off this stub and gave her a form and told her to take it to this bank today. Will she get the money now? I already know they take a lot for taxes so please don't remind me.

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    lol. um yeah. i would think they would give it to her. im sorry though. im not 100% sure. good luck and sorry if i was wrong.

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    Once she files a claim, she has two options in which to receive her money; Bank Cashing or Check Payment. Bank Cashing is done by your mom filling out the claim form, having it notarized and taking to an authorized bank. The payment will be given the same day.

    The Check Payment would take at least 30 days. And according to the Ohio Lottery, the Check Payment must be used if the prize is over $5,000.

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    It depends what they gave her at the store.

    If they gave her a certificate saying she won, then she probably can't get any money from the bank, she'd have to redeem the ticket and get a check first.

    If the store redeemed the ticket and issued her a check, then its likely the bank will put a hold on the check and she'll be able to take the money out in less than a week when the check clears.

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