whats the harshest state in the USA for law?

so like the state u will like get the harshest sentences and most likely to be exectuted. and also are der any states dat allow excution for anything part from murder?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Texas has a very high rate of executions and death sentences imposed for murder. Up until last year, Louisiana had the death penalty for rape of a child. The SCOTUS deemed that unconstitutional, however, one year ago in Kennedy v Louisiana.

    Several other states had the death penalty for various types of rape of a child (age limits varied, as did the number of times, etc.) It is assumed these will be affected by Kennedy.

    Although no one is on death row for the following crimes, capital offenses exist in state law for various other crimes:

    Treason (Arkansas, Calif., Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Washington)

    Aggravated kidnapping (Co., Idaho, Il., Missouri, Mont.)

    Drug trafficking (Fl., Missouri)

    Aircraft hijacking (Ga., Mo.)

    Placing a bomb near a bus terminal (Mo.)

    Espionage (New Mexico)

    Aggravated assault by incarcerated, persistent felons, or murderers (Mont.)

    Also, the federal government has the death penalty for treason, espionage, trafficking in large quantities of drugs, and participating in the murder or attempted murder of an officer, witness, juror, etc in a RICO case.

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