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Did they really eat his brains?

did the band members in the black metal band "mayhem" eat the brains of the vocalist when he commited suicide?

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    they didnt eat the brains. they made necklaces out of his skull fragments. they also took a picture of the room while dead (the singer's) corpse was still there. this picture was stolen and used as a cd cover for a bootleg

    cementhed- the wiki page links to quotes from the band saying the necklace rumor is true, the soup rumor is false. otherwise yes a good book

    (edit from above page)

    At some point in 1990, the members of Mayhem moved to "an old house in the forest" near Oslo.[6] Hellhammer claimed that Ohlin "just sat in his room and became more and more depressed" and that there was a lot of arguing between Ohlin and Aarseth.[1]

    On 8 April 1991, Ohlin committed suicide in the house owned by the band. He was found by Aarseth with slit wrists and a shotgun round to the head. The shotgun was allegedly owned by Aarseth.[1] Ohlin's suicide note read "Excuse all the blood" and included an apology for firing the weapon indoors. Instead of calling the police, Aarseth went to a nearby store and bought a disposable camera to photograph the corpse

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    Mayhem Band Members

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    As one of the answers states they did put some on a homemade chain but allegedly one of the members put some in soup. Its all in the book "Lords of Chaos" by Michael Moynihan, a very good book.

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    i second the answerer above me

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    No, I did.

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