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US Boycott of UN Conference on Racism. Are all Americans racist like Obama?

Does Obama truly represent the vast majority of Americans in this or any other case? Have any of you ever read anything about the comparison between American Democracy and Islamic Democracy (which used to exist before WW1) for more than 1300 years all over the world when it was all peace, not bloodshed like today in the name of "war on terror"?

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    America is a free country and I'm a RACIST!!.

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    1) "Are all Americans racist like Obama?"

    Although Obama certainly has some racist tendencies, along the same lines as his beautiful bride Michelle and his spiritual counselor Rev Wright, he is basically a narcissist, perhaps even a sociopath but not a pathological racist.

    2) "Does Obama truly represent the vast majority of Americans in this or any other case?"

    At least half the country are thoroughly brainwashed by the Israelis. They literally believe the creation of the zionist state was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

    Beyond that, three generations of prosperity have hypnotized a majority of the population into the delusions that the world owes them a living, and it's possible to get something for nothing if they just wish hard enough. Sheeple like these fall easy prey to Obama's empty rhetoric.

    3) "Have any of you ever read anything about the comparison between American Democracy and Islamic Democracy... for more than 1300 years all over the world when it was all peace, not bloodshed...."

    I have been a student of History for at least 40 years. I feel completely confident in saying no traditional islamic country ever had a political system remotely resembling Western democracy.

    As for 1300 years of peace, what the hell have you been smoking? I doubt there has been 1300 minutes of peace anywhere on this planet since God created Homo Erectus....


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    This is a very complex question and very delicate. Americans are a great people, who of different origins,sources and so forth have tried to live together,though there were many obstacles and still are more.American democracy is based on freedom, people who were religiously persecuted in Europe came to America to be free. American Democracy was based on true Christian principles, Protestantism. However, it wasn't perfect(Slavery,extinction of some Native tribes), but America overcame that by abolishing slavery, later full human rights. Actually only in a few countries around the world can people express themselves as in America. Now there is no such thing as Islamic Democracy, Islam is a religion, is rather a theocracy. To be frank with you, it is a religion of war against the unbeliever, you want to know what was before WW1.OK, about 900 years of slavery on Africans, remember the Arabs started the slave trade in Africa. Crusades were to stop the Muslim from conquering the Middle-East, but they did. Even today, in many Muslim nations, slavery occurs, e.g. in Mauritania, parts of Niger,Chad,Sudan probably. There you go the religion of violence, remember the Ottoman Turks in Europe. Well there's the difference OK!

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    Strike them at the neck! Make them pay jizyah! Ahhh, for the good old days of Islamic Democracy.

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    Look what Islam did to Lebanon.


    I tend to think that the Islamic state doesn't do any favors for Islam. I don't think you can really have a secular government with Islam. The Sharia may be a guide but it seems somewhere Islam gets corrupted by extremists and terrorists. For some reason Islam doesn't seem to speak out against these extremists and terrorist where their followers feel a responsibility to stop them. It seems everything is for the greater good of Islam and if that results in those who stay off the path, it's not up to the followers to judge their behavior as long as they proclaim they are doing it for, or following Allah.

    Probably like almost all religions one can say if the ideals are followed, it tends to be good for everyone. However, when you have someone like Ahmadinejad saying that Israel should be wiped off the face of the map, and especially when the same people was almost wiped off the face of the map by Hitler, just years before, that isn't what I understand that Islam teaches. Of course denying history saying the Holocaust didn't happen, when you have the very people that is charged as doing it admit that it did happen, is dishonest and intended to make a people into liars.

    That's what happened last time, and when you have those bigoted statements by a leader of an Islamic State, what is one to think about Islam's principle of equality among all the people irrespective of race, color, or creed?

    I'm sure you don't understand and think it is simply that Israel is Americas ally.

    But for me and many Americans it doesn't have anything to do with it. It comes down to some real simple points. If you leave Israel alone, they will leave you alone. If you care so much about the Palestinians, welcome them into your own country. We know what Egypt did in this regard. Arabs don't want the Palestinians in their country but will act like Israel is picking on them personally anytime they do anything to Palestinians that continually send in suicide bombers and lob bombs on them. It's absolutely nuts that Israel has to put up a fence to keep those from coming in and blowing themselves up... and after they do these people lob rockets over the fence.

    The fact that Israel is where it is, isn't because of Israel, but because of the UN. The same place that you think Obama should go if he's not a bigot.


    This might give you some insight how Islam is viewed by Americans:

    Brigitte Gabriel Part 1

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    Those people not nations[ because they don't represent the majority] who boycotted the conference on racism were totally embarrassed and disconcerted don't know what to do that's why they walkout.

    Shame not even a simple alibi was spoken...

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    It's about politics, not race.

    The US won't turn up because Israel will get hammered in it. And many people in the west are simply ignorant as to how Israel really behaves towards not only those in the occupied territories, but also their Arab citizens.

    Sadly, when the knobheads in Al Qaeda decided to attack the US they did Israel the biggest favour anyone's ever done them.

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    All countries in this world we live in are racists in one form or

    another, so no big deal.

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    despising people is not racism. if you think peace existed for 1300 years you badly need a history lesson.

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    there's never been peace with islamic n muslims sunnies sheiks indians they have been fighting since the beginning of time that's al they no now are we racists yes blacks hate white white hates black

    but to get her we stand against the rest of you this is our problem not the worlds

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