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  • 1 decade ago
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    I expect to graduate on july in this year. i am really interested in japanese, therefore i got praise from teachers.

    i have worked in steak rastaurant as a server. The main content of my job is to introduce meals, also making the orders for guests. Becasuse of my personality can be changed easily, my mood chages, but i am also like to get along with people, sometimes i am a little bit crazy but sometimes i like to be quite.

    Advantages: i think i can match up job easily. for the disadvantages: sometimes i want to get everything done perfectly, but i always persist in my job, so that when i meet some difficulties i will try my best to accomplish it.

    i would like to have a job which is fit me, interested Also i will try hard to get the job. Because i believe that i can complete tasks efficiently.

    When i have spare time in the weekend, i'd like to play basketball with friends, or visiting some web pages on the internet.

    I would like to become a superintend in the future. Furthermore i want keep learning laguage abilities and specialty knowledges.

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  • 1 decade ago


    It is estimated that in this year's in July graduation, has the interest very much in the school learning process regarding the Japanese, because I obtain teacher's appreciation. I once in the beefsteak hall had worked as one year server, the prime task content was an introduction meal content and a meal movement. But my individuality fluctuation is big, but also likes the group life, is very sometimes crazy is very sometimes peaceful. In merit aspect: I thought that my degree of adaptability is very high, shortcoming aspect: Sometimes to a matter too rigid, the request is perfect, but also because of mine rigid, therefore I may not give up at some difficult matters completing it. I think a work, so long as is suits me, to have the interest, I must strive for with every effort, because I believe me to be able and effectiveness completes properly. When holiday free time, the affection and the friend play the basketball, or on accesses the net. In me hope in the future I can toward the responsible social stratum development, in the work on the way, I also want the unceasing learning language ability and the specialized knowledge.

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