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    I am not sure if you have taken Accounting courses. Because there are three methods to calculate depreciation expenses. And every method can be divide two or three formulas. In your question does not mention which way you want to use to count the depreciation expence of equipments.

    The following is some :

    1.Average method

    d=c-s/n c= asset cost s= scrap value n= estimated useful life

    d=depreciation expense r=1/n r=depreciation turnover

    2.Activity method

    a. production unit method= units of output

    b.Work hours method( airline or factory use the method most)

    r=c-s/H H= total hours

    Dt= r.Ht Ht= the real hours of the t year

    3.Decreasing charges method

    a.Double decling balance method


    r=depreciation turnover

    n= estimated useful life

    耐用年限 useful life

    折舊費用 depreciation expense

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    r=depreciation ratio

    Source(s): Accounting textbook
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    the calculation for residual value of the equipment after depreciation

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