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oral oncology 英文

Our analysis was limited to adult patients diagnosed between 1973 and 1999 with a primary tumor of one of four sites: floor of mouth, gum/other mouth, oral cavity/ pharynx, and tongue.

1. 請問上面所說的one of four sites 是指只要有下面4個的其中一個 就可納入此計劃嗎?

2. primary tumor 應該如何解釋?

Our statistical methods for matching older to younger patients

required age to be dichotomized between ‘‘younger” and ‘‘older”.Rather than choose an arbitrary cutoff for younger patients we

tested four specific thresholds: (1) age under 40 years, (2) age under

45 years, (3) age under 50 years, and (4) age under 55 years.

Separate analyses were performed using each age group definition.



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    1. 請問上面所說的one of four sites 是指只要有下面4個的其中一個 就可納入此計劃嗎?


    2. primary tumor 應該如何解釋?


    3. 請問上面是指什麼意思?

    他們使用的統計方法需要區分(較年輕患者)與(較年長患者), 為避免武斷不客觀的區分方式, 他們跑了4段統計, 年齡區分由40, 45, 50, 55作分界, 各別跑了統計分析, 看看那個分界可以跑出統計差異

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