What is a skinhead? GO -?

Go with your brain, your sociological self, your heart.... just reply. I am a skinhead. I know who and what I am and what I believe in. I am VERY interested in what YOU believe that I am and believe in!


If anyone is WISE... they will Wikipedia and not judge, not assume and not accuse!

Update 2:

I am 35 and a am a TRAD SKIN

Update 3:

If anyone is going into an ethics class ....this is a great subject BTW!

Update 4:

I do it because I am me... I love my blue dc mrtns- and I LOVE my music and the culture. I am a mom of 2, and my son has been to a Toots concert, his favorite song is Oh Cherry Oh Baby! and I was wed in the islands. I have a skinhead music collection I am very proud of!

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    Oi! A skinhead is a working class joe who loves the music and the style, the boots and the brotherhood. A skinhead can be any race, a guy or a gal, as long as they're down to raise a pint and raise their voice.

    A skinhead is the cream of the crop!

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    A skinhead is simply someone who shaves their head. Many people equate "skinhead" with racism, primarily due to the fact the the look has been hijacked by neo-nazi's (just as Hitler did with the Swastika). In fact, some of the original skinheads were black, and the subculture had nothing to do with race or politics. It's amazing how definitions/meanings can become so badly construed in a mere few decades.

    Edit: what is with the thumbs down? Here, read for yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinhead

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    I am confused lol.

    You are a skinhead?

    There is a huge difference between White Nationalism and White Supremacy. Which one do you stand for and why?

    How old are you and do you feel you are old and wise enough to make a decision such as joining a serious group such as Skinheads? How much of the real world have you seen to know this is something you truly believe in?

    Source(s): not judging just curious
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    originally Skinheads...were a group of young adults that....had a common interests in "Punk Rock"....and shaved their heads......it started in the UK......then the Neo Nazi..groups.......started using the term "skinhead"....and flipped the switch......now it's synonymous with them.....I can't imagine anyone that "isn't" racist wanting to associate with that name *skinhead* now.

    Source(s): common sense....says.....if you call yourself a *skinhead* you will be viewed as a racist........so *why do it??*
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    isn't skinheads a group of people who have affiliations with racist organizations , using beliefs from the past about other being inferior.

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    I always think of skin heads as racist? I guess they can also be cancer patients, old men balding, or someone who on anti-depressants and went crazy and shaved their hair off? I didn't cheat looking on wikipeadia I'll just wait patiently for you to answer...lol

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    i've always associated skinhead with racism. if it means something else, i'd love to know.

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    :) I am also a Trad! Cheers!

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