should i inform my husband or just leave?

in the past few week ive been posting abt how my husband treats me or either that im stressed and i feel like leaving him, i need a break....cuz he is not getting any better not trying to understand me, he just dont give damn so ive been thinking that i do want to leave him for few days, i know a friend of mine in another state.

should i just get in car with my baby and drive there while my husband is at work and when he arrives home, he'll realize im missing and he'll get my msg that i'm out of town?

or should i inform him that i'll be gone for few days in ahead?

i really want him to think hard and realize and take me seriously.


i didn't say he was abusive, more likely being a jerk and i needed a break from him

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    If you want a relationship to work there needs to be communication. I understand about wanting a break but unless you are willing to give up on your marriage you should tell him how you feel and that you will be gone for a few days so he can think on it.

  • Bill F
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    It all depends on how you think he's going to react. You could threaten to leave or say you feel like leaving next time such-and-such happens, but hon, if you think there's even the slightest danger to you or your baby, don't tell him, just go. And don't tell him where.

    It's up to you at that point to decide whether to call him, maybe via cell phone, to let him know you're OK.

    But I don't think this is going to make things any better between you two. If he isn't trying to understand you, then neither talking nor counseling are likely to be anything other than a waste of time. Make a plan and put things in place like you might if you weren't coming back at all.

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    I would personaly just leave so it hits home harder. The only problem is if u have intentions of coming back this could possibly really piss him off and cause more problems. Only u know your husband and how he will react. But if u think warning him u r leaving will be enough to make him realize he's being such a jerk and change then do it. Good luck.

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    If you feel that this is something that you need to do then you should do it. But maybe if you tell him that if doesn't get his act together that you are going to take a break from him. If things remain the same then I would leave for a little while and tell him that you want to show him that you are serious about this and that you moving out will be a permanent thing if he doesn't get his act together.

    If he cares he will change if not it may be time for you to move on from him.

    Good Luck!! :-)

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    Just leave if you want the dramatic effect. The guy treats you like crap and you should leave permanently. Do you have family that can put you up until you get your affairs in order? Keep in mind even tho you think you are punishing him by leaving that he might not care so much. Do not expect him to come after you. Have a game plan because this might mean the demise of your marriage. I wish you luck.

  • E&L
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    So if he gets home and your not there he will likely call your cell phone. If he does not get in touch with you he will then call your friends and family to find out where you are . . . or call the police and report his wife and baby missing. At least leave him a note where you are going and for how long otherwise he will thing you are the irresponsible one and it will defeat your purpose of him ever taking you seriously.

  • Go ahead if you want to be arrested for parental kidnapping. It is a felony to take the baby without his permission unless you have court papers saying you can or his express/written permission. "Even if you leave a note". Without a written custody agreement you are BOTH considered having equal custodial rights. You would be denying him his parental rights.

    It's called felony child custody interference. Do it and you'll never see your child again except under court supervised, timed visits. Look it up.

    Most state laws read like this: CHILD CUSTODY INTERFERENCE DEFINED -- DEFENSES -- PUNISHMENT. 1.

    A person commits child custody interference if the person, whether a parent or

    other, or agent of that person, intentionally and without lawful authority:

    (a) Takes, entices away, keeps or withholds any minor child from a parent

    or another person or institution having custody, joint custody, visitation

    or other parental rights, whether such rights arise from temporary or

    permanent custody order, or from the equal custodial rights of each parent

    in the absence of a custody order; or

    (b) Takes, entices away, keeps or withholds a minor child from a parent

    after commencement of an action relating to child visitation or custody

    but prior to the issuance of an order determining custody or visitation


    And only children run away to deal with problems.

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    You need to talk with him before you leave about why you are leaving, he needs to know. He may care more than you know and would not feel very well if you just up and left. Yes you need a break, no running away won't solve anything, you will just be building up bad feelings in his heart for your return.

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    If he is abusive, just go and don't come back. Otherwise, let him know you are going away for a few days. Otherwise you give him a reason to be angry/upset with you and that will be his focus, it won't have the effect you want. Remember, guys and girls think about things differently.

  • caaaad
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    Not enough information. If he's abusive than go and leave a note so he don't call the police.

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