how much do reality show participants get paid?

not the celebrity type,but just the jane doe type from the street.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is a certain minumim stipent depnding on how much time you are on tv.

    I have read american idol/biggest loser contestants get $700-900 a week. Ai gives additional money for clothing each week(about $200). If you make the tour on idol you get about 75k for the summer tour (which is about 60 shows in a summer so it is alot of traveling and work). On big brother Jen from the summer 2007 show said she got $750 a week.

    I know some biggest loser contestants have had hardships in the past because of the lower pay/losing jobs for being gone so long (or not knowing how long they will be gone which can be 1 week or 4 months). I know $800 a week sounds like alot to some but if you have a family and a large house payment I'm sure it is tough.

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