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The poets of Yahoo Answers?

Poets of Yahoo Answers (not quite a sonnet)

Caught between a whimsy and a soft part

Innocent dreamer with a pure heart

Listens en-rapt, for sterling call

(Listens rapt to the sterling call of)

A silver voiced mother of us all

Sister of rich and relevant rhymes

Intoned with doubt from another's crimes

Nods to the voice all silver-ed

(Mother to us all, she's often said.)

Beat of the internet "homestead"

Up high in skill but low in "thread"

Keeps pace with the bard of the silver trail

(Mother to us all who shall prevail.)

Mother to us all, who makes us laugh

And covers our wounds with friendly salve.


Somehow missing from the pile

Even though his skill is great

My favorite regular surprise

Poetic and plain by turns

Each work a new step

River-ward toward the ever Now

Forgive my lapse, oh friend of silver

Indeed to all she is our mother

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    Aw....Happy Hiram!

    I KNEW under it all you were an old softie!

    Okay, your sonnet was way better than mine,

    in fact, mine was a crime,

    but it got a few laughs

    and maybe some gaffs?

    and will soon be deleted by yahoo


    Thanks and...

    yeah, even HUGS!


    Source(s): Edit: Semper Fi will blush at your mention of him....well done! Blind me, have Cilla, Sin and Buk in there, too! Clever you!
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    Wonderful write for our wonderful Ma. She has a beautiful, loving heart. Another thing I love about her, as a woman, is what a great example she is for us. She is a perfect example of how women only get better and better.

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    1 decade ago

    But this is so cool! It is a classic....resonates from the repeat connecting lines...the way you have stated as to underline the preceding passages...brilliant!

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    Uncharacteristically romantically soft of you! :)

    I love this it makes me want to keep reading

    surely you have a few muses and with them you keep us all amused in the best of ways possible.

    thanks and keep sharing!

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    I like that repetition thing you did in the first stanza.

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    It was good, but it lacked focus and needs to be sharpened.

    Source(s): Poet of Y&A
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    woahh!...that was gooooood !! :D

    i loved the third stanza especially haha

    keep penning !

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    She answered and i thought it was great.

  • 1 decade ago

    *sniff* Is it Ma-Day today? This is lovely. ♥

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