What's the best college in California for an Environmental Studies/Science major?

I'd prefer a UC or a good CSU..

at least a few hours away from San Francisco...

Which schools specialize in these degrees?

My counselor recommended Humboldt, but I feel like I could get into a more presitigous or competetive school..But I do like the laid back, earthy atmosphere of Humboldt..

If you have this major or any experience, or if you are a student..please give me some tips! Thank you.

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    To be honest your counselor has picked a great school for that major. You will gain hands on experience by working in projects around the area as both a class and an individual. Humboldt mainly lacks due to its pot smoking stigma and that it is part of the CSU system which sets its admission requirements quite low. It is, however, in the top 5 out of the entire CSU system with only both the Cal Polys, Sonoma, and Chico fairing better. In the Environmental Studies/Science, Humboldt is a prime choice of a school. Trust me, its name will ring louder in this field than almost all UC's. Just recently, a group in the Wildlife program destroyed others from some of the most renowned universities in a national competition. HSU is pretty laid back and has a HUGE earthy atmosphere. That is what makes it stand out above other programs. It isn't just the a program, but a town and an environment. You will benefit so much more here, for a lot less of a cost than most schools, and your professors will know you by name and face. We have a building called the CCAT (Campus Center for Appropriate Technology) where a handful of students live in and document sustainably technology for an eco-friendly environment. We also have SLAMfest (Sustainable Living Arts and Music festival) which students from all the environmental sciences come together and organize a festival to teach sustainable living techniques. Plus, you have the benefit of the forest, ocean, rivers, and a variety of wildlife to do hands on studies.

    Don't be discouraged by HSU being a CSU. It is a great school, particularly for this degree. We currently have THE world's tsunami expert as a professor, along with a handful of nationally and world renowned environmental figures. Our students just completed the first campus hydrogen fuel station and a hydrogen powered car. Our students have won several competitions in the environmental sciences. Professors work on projects for river stability, producing energy from ocean waves, and just recently (not environmental science, but still quite great for a CSU) received a grant for stem cell research.

    I currently attend HSU, I am a History/German double major, I've met tons of students who turned down UC's for a slightly cheaper, but most of the time equal education. The UC's stick out mainly through their graduate programs, whereas a B.A. in environmental sciences at Humboldt will be recognizable to anyone within that field. Several popular environmental magazines have ranked the program in the top 10 in the nation. Number one in all areas in schools that do not offer PhD's. Great program, great class sizes, great professors, great environment for the program, and great cost for educational value.

    Source(s): http://www.humboldt.edu/~cnrs/more/mentor.html Some rankings of the science programs.
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