What do you think of this poem?

Ages wrinkle Earth’s face many times over

During all of which, clouts of passion fished for souls to bind

No pair fit together like a puzzle piece, but more like matching colors

Some simply do not go together while others are complimentary

Time has waived by most pairs, but there is one it cannot ignore

A moon’s glance provides luminosity

They meet over Earth’s brow

In ardor comes the white rose bud

Fate’s glance will not let them be overlooked

Might is pure in each gaze toward each other

In a dash, he is gone. She follows

They will follow one another to the end of time

Neither will tire, for their own passion empowers them

Never ending, never dying, never fading

If it is a strong as its weakest point, then their love will never be broken

They use it to feed the horrors; to turn them to bliss

To this day they lend it to souls

To this day, however, it becomes a challenge

Acceptance of gratitude and peace is uncommon

War rages, conflicts emerge

The couple cries; weather destroys

What has become to make mankind so cruel?

Alas strength's testing passes

As it survives in a new Era

Love mends, love heals, love cares,

Love kills, love destroys, love is moody

incase some people don't understand the white rose part

a white rose symbolizes undying love, purity, and loyalty


I write often and I'm writing a book.

btw... How old do I sound?

Update 2:

I just came up with a title! It's called...


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wow. Your really good! I really, really, like it. I honestly can't think of anything to change.

    Keep writing. You have a talent for it.

  • bnyxis
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    1 decade ago

    Moon chasing Sun,

    Sun Loving the Earth

    Rose loving the Sun

    Love above all things is eternal

    only as long as mankind is around

    Once humanity dies out love will die

    Very Good

  • 1 decade ago

    You show good potential.

    Good at creating mental imagery.

    Maybe switch the last two lines around.

    Keep writing and you will develop your talent to something you didn't you were capable of. Good words, very creative. Best of luck in your endeavors.

  • Very good and insightful. You should simplify it a little however, very good.

    Answer mine?


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  • 1 decade ago

    very good! :] i like the symbolism

    and you sound like an adult to me

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i lke it,

    sometimes confusing and hard to follow, but still great! :-D

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