If Texas Secedes, should all the Seceding States?

join together and be the New United States of America? Should we form our own country? The rest of the Country will be the United Socialist States of America. We will have more land mass and natural resources than the United Socialist States of America. The new term is the USSA


BS Detector, We KNOW debt does not "magically disappear". Texas has a 10 million SURPLUS plus we have 7 million in a rainy day fund that is 17 million to the benefit of Texans. We do NOT want to be a Socialist Country without rights. You may be all for losing your Constitutional rights but not everyone in the Country want to lose their freedom. The USA Constitution has been violated into oblivion. MY Texas Constitutional rights are STILL strong.

Update 2:

?, We don't want the Confederate flag, this is your way of thinking. Not ours. We would KEEP the USA flag for the USA country that we would be.

Obama wants a new flag apparently the USA flag is not good enough for him/you.

We would never want to be a part of the Socialist Communist Country that you will soon be. America is ALREADY a Socialist Country as of this year. We don't need you BUT you need us. Texas has the most natural resources in the country. Oil, Natural Gas, Crops. We have everything. Do you? NO you don't. LOL LOL

Update 3:

Wendy, My facts are real and up to date yours were old.

As of February 5, 2009, Texas is one of only six states not facing a budget deficit.[12] Texas expects to take in $77.1 billion in state revenues in 2009.[13] This is a 10.5% decrease in revenue from 2008, most notably due to a slowdown in the Texas economy and reduced tax receipts.[14]

The total budget for the 2008 and 2009 biennium is almost $168 billion. In addition, Texas currently holds about $6.7 billion in a “Rainy Day Fund”.[15] The Rainy Day Fund was established in 1987 following an economic downturn; three fourths of any oil and gas revenue that is above the 1987 level of such revenue is transferred into the Rainy Day Fund.[16] The fund is expected to reach $9.1 billion by the end of the 2011.[17]


Update 4:

The Texas economy “continues to fare better than most other states” according to State Comptroller Susan Combs.[18] However, "the state is not imune to economic forces wreaking havoc in other sections of the country."[19] In 2008, Texas’s gross state product grew by 4.2% while the national economy’s GDP grew by only 1.9%.[18] However, in her Biennial Revenue Estimate for the 2010-2011 fiscal term, Comptroller Combs predicted that Texas employment will decline until the fourth quarter of 2009 and warned that 2009 and the beginning of 2010 will be underperform.[20]

In his State of the State Address for the 2008-9 budget term, Governor Rick Perry, pointed to the strength of Texas’s economy noting that Texas added 1.2 million new jobs in the last five years, that 70% of new jobs created in the United States from November 2007 to November 2008 were created in Texas, and that despite facing a $10 billion deficit in 2002, Texas is operating with a surplus without having raised taxes on

Update 5:

its citizens

Update 6:

Buttercup, Come on home. We have lots and lots of room for you. The employment opportunities are plentiful . Housing is affordable and we haven't any state tax YEA. You can grow food year around for when food becomes scarce in the rest of the country. Texas has always taken care of its own.

Since we didn't take the bailout (we don't need it) We needn't worry about paying it back.

Update 7:

Joey, IF you have a job. It probably came out of Texas, Texas added 1.2 million new jobs in the last five years, that 70% of new jobs created in the United States from November 2007 to November 2008 were created in Texas,

Don't bite the hand that feeds you Joey.

Update 8:

Wendy, Texas is right to reject RED CHINA'S money. If this is accepted we will be no better than the Socialist Communist in the Oval Office.

Sounds like Perry has them running scared. They can't stop his budget. It is not theirs to stop. This is ILLEGAL. It belongs to Texans. To the Citizens of Texas. Some people think the Government has the rights to make the rules and laws. They don't ONLY the public can make or change rules or laws. We can demand to keep all of our constitutional rights. You can willingly give up your rights but you do not now or ever have the right to give mine up.

Update 9:

Wendy I have read your links and you do have a valid point. I had not read that article. I mostly read foreign news trying to get the least biased news.

If you would enlighten me to your views and educate me as to why people want Socialism and Nationalism I would appreciate it. All I see is the America I love vanishing to I am not sure what. I am open minded though.

I am not a republican. I am Independent. I didn't vote for Perry but at this point I will support the ones that I feel try to protect us.

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    Texas is in great shape compared to most states. If you don't believe it that's fine. Stay your asss wherever it is you live. We have a strong economy, natural resources, aerospace and computer technology, our own military (air land and sea). A huge agriculture and industrial workforce AND were' running on a financial surplus. and many, many more advantages over most other states.

    The worst mistake we ever did was getting back into the US after the Civil War. BUT when we did..we made provisions that if the time ever came again it would be at our discretion. OUR state constitution and the US Bill of Rights allows the people and states their sovereignty in the event the Federal government breaches contract by violating the bill of rights. Lincoln did it and now Obama is trying to do it. This time it's for good. Texas as an independent nation. The USSR broke up and so can we.

    We should've kept ALL the land Texas owned when it was a Republic instead of giving the US parts of Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado.

    I'm an independant too BUT President Perry of Texas will do for now and our Lone Star Flag is just fine thankyou.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Texas is in pretty da*m good shape compared to the rest of the nation. As our governor has correctly stated, we have more than half the Fortune 500 Companies headquartered in Texas and 70% of all the jobs created in the US in 2008 a full 70% were in Texas. Our unemployment rate is 2% below the national average, cost of living is less than most, and the tax situation is good for individuals and businesses alike. I see that some of your responders express an attitude of "good riddance," but if Texas ever does manage to secede I have a feeling they'll regret the departure because they need us to help pay their mortgages. ...and I should add that Texas is and has been run by conservatives for years. God Bless Texas! (and He always does).

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  • L.T.M.
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    1 decade ago

    If things don't start turning around in a big way by 2010 then I think Georgia will be right behind you. People are getting fed up. pun intended

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    the homework assignment for the day...

    Does Perry know what the hell he is talking about? It might have been written in 1845. In 1869, the Supreme court says no, that is not enforceable or legal.

    Perry wants to gripe about Federal money. Since we don't have an income tax.. and property tax revenue is going to tank with the housing market.. seems like Texas is gonna be pretty damn poor.

    Guess you want to ignore the facts about the last election that I sent you. Obama might have not won in the election.. but he SURE came a lot closer than people want to admit.

    I don't think I would pay a lot of attention to Rick Perry.

    Texas has a ten million SURPLUS?? That is news to me, and I'll bet it is news to Austin, as well.


    AUSTIN, Texas – Oddly enough, water will not occupy the top spot on Texas legislators’ agenda when the body meets next month.

    “The number one priority will be the budget,” says Woody Anderson, a Mitchell County farmer and chairman of the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee for Agriculture and Livestock.

    Anderson discussed his committee’s work during the recent Texas Commodity Symposium in Amarillo.

    “The budget shortfall will get a lot of attention from this session of the Texas legislature,” Anderson said. “Depending on whose numbers you believe the deficit could range from $3 billion to $5 billion or from $10 billion to $12 billion. Every segment of the government will be looking for budget relief.”

    Obama wants a "new flag"? that is right out there with your budget surplus... totally false.

    House begins work on

    next state budget

    500 proposed amendments for $178

    billion plan

    Updated: Friday, 17 Apr 2009, 6:36 PM EDT

    Published : Friday, 17 Apr 2009, 3:16 PM EDT

    AUSTIN (AP) - The Texas House started work Friday on the next state budget, the most significant bill of the legislative session.

    Among their actions: Stripping the governor's office of nearly all its budget.

    It's a political move that won't hold up under scrutiny when the House and Senate meet to negotiate the final budget. But it comes a day after the Senate shut down Gov. Rick Perry's attempts to reject federal stimulus money by voting to accept unemployment funds.

    On Friday, House lawmakers hunkered down on the $178 billion plan early Friday for debate and consideration that was expected to spill into the weekend. The two-year House budget proposal includes spending of $11 billion in federal stimulus funds for 2010-2011.

    "This is a conservative budget," said Republican Rep. Jim Pitts , chairman of the House Appropriations Committee . "It reduces general-revenue spending but not at the cost of essential government services."

    Lawmakers have been combing through a stack of about 500 proposed amendments.

    The House is debating the Senate's version of the state budget, which that chamber passed earlier this month.

    The Senate adopted the $182.2 billion state budget for 2010-2011.

    The Senate voted 26-5 Wednesday to adopt the two-year budget, the most important bill lawmakers will consider during the five-month legislative session.

    It uses about $11 billion in federal stimulus money, which helped address a shortfall between available state revenue and spending needs.

    The federal money also makes it possible for lawmakers to leave a projected $9 billion balance in the state's Rainy Day Fund.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If the country continues its transformation under the Obamanation to communism I am 100 percent for seceding, and if the state I live in is not one of those then I hope you have room for me in Texas. I want absolutely nothing to do with the Obamanation's plan for this nation

    Source(s): Joey you are just creepy Did Stella just use liberal and common sense in the same sentence? LMAO!!! Linda K Good to know and Thanks, I just may take you up on that
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  • 1 decade ago

    just because Perry hints at it does it make it so, does he speak for all

    no just the radical wing nuts

    Since they are few this would never happen anyway

    Some people in the fringe are truly going over board with the bs now

    Talk to the hand

    If is such a BIG BIG word

    If they do we need to get a fence put up , that will give many people work....no roads, no highways, no army, no taxes to pay, no goods sold to the socialists, no dealings with socialists....

    Stay within own country and have at it already..

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  • 1 decade ago

    All I know is if Texas were to sucede for the United States, I would be the first in line for a citizenship application to The Republic of Texas.

    stella; if you were to check up on it, I believe you would find a clause in the Texas Constitution that does make is possible for Texas to return to being a sovereign nation. (One more thing: "Liberal common sense is a bigger oxymoron than "Military Intelligence".)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go ahead, it will be the red states only if anything. But I doubt anyone will go with Texas. Seceding from the union would only make things worse. You can't make the debt magically disappear you know? And Texas is getting drained from debt.

    And you will forget we will still have the constitution, and other important USA documents.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I hope GA does!

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  • 1 decade ago

    See what transpires in 2014.

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