Are there any restaurants that's only available in Canada?

Not locally owned but available anywhere across Canada?


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    Hmm I just have to answer this one. It's going to make me hungry though!

    Salisbury House is a Manitoba thing only

    White Spot is in BC and AB only

    Swiss Chalet is nationwide but they don't have a big presence in Quebec because they're mutually exclusive with St. Hubert under most circumstances. Swiss Chalet has two restaurants in New York near Buffalo. There used to be one in Florida too but it closed up.

    Tim Hortons of course is EVERYWHERE in Canada, but there are actually quite a few now in the states (520) due to recent expansion over the past decade. It's still not much compared to the 2,917 locations in Canada, with over 1,000 of those being in Ontario alone.

    Along those same lines, Robin's Donuts is nationwide and not in the US

    Country Style is an Ontario thing but with 112 locations is worth mentioning.

    Harvey's mmm their mushroom swiss burger sounds good right now. None of these in the states. In every province except NL, PEI and SK.

    Baton Rouge is only Quebec and Ontario.

    The Keg - they expanded into the states now with 11 locations there but are nationwide across Canada.

    Le Biftheque used to be more spread out than it is now. Quebec only now.

    Kelsey's is in every province Ontario and west. They stole the Cheer's theme for their commercials!

    Montana's is in every province except PEI. No US locations.

    Boston Pizza is in every province AND territory except for Nunavut! They are actually in the states, but they're just called Boston's there. They've recently expanded and have quite a few locations spread throughout 25 states.

    Mr Sub - 400 locations across Canada

    Capt Sub in Eastern Canada

    Pizza Delight - Ontario and east plus Alberta

    A&W is worth mentioning even though they have a presence in the states. There's a lot in Canada and the stuff they have is different and they're NOT drive in's.

    Mrs Vanelli's - Like a Canadian Sbarro. They're in every province but PEI. They're not in the states BUT they're in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia!

    I'm sure there are more! There's lots of stuff available in Canada that's not in the states. Like All Dressed flavoured potato chips! Mmmmm

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    Harvey's, most of the Cara and SIR corp places, as mentioned those are the bulk, and with regards to the first lady's answer that is almost a Manitoba original, you may also have regional chains that are exclusive to one province only, when I went to Alberta in the 1980's there KFC and Burger Kings were one outlet, and not the same BK I was use to in Ontario were I moved from.

  • Allie
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    1 decade ago

    Swiss Chalet

    St. Hubert's

  • maria
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    1 decade ago

    Yep, Robins Donuts, Moxies, Sals, Mr. Sub, Panago Pizza, Pizza Pizza, to name a few. Not to mention all of the non-franchise restaurants.

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  • 1 decade ago

    White Spot

  • 1 decade ago

    Boston Pizza?

  • 1 decade ago

    How about Tim Hortons, very few of them in the states but they are everywhere in canada. they have the best chili.

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    Baton Rouge....they have great ribs.....I know they have restaurants in Quebec and Ontario

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sailsbury house.

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