what are the benefits of offshore oil driling? how will it affect america?

im writing a paper for my civics class and i need to know how offshore oil driling will benefit or harm america

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    It depends on who is doing the drilling.

    There is oil there. Fact. People in the modern world need oil. Fact. There is profit in seeking and extracting oil. fact.

    If US companies do not exploit this resource, other nations will via slant drilling and platforms in international waters. Someone IS going to get it, there is no question about that. It behooves us to be the ones to get it; both for our own economy, national security, and environmental protection. US practices and requirements are far more stringent than those from many other companies in their drilling practices.

    This is not to say that we shouldn't be developing ALL forms of energy for ourselves; we should. Every option should be on the table, and our main goal should be 100% energy independence.. or more; to become a net exporter of energy, rather than an importer.

    Nuclear, solar, wind, tidal, biofuels.. it's all tied together in one system. But we will need petroleum for ALL of the foreseeable future.

    You can't run an airplane off of wind power..

    They are US resources, and should be developed by US companies.

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    I agree with the first poster, also offshore drilling would bring wealth. The people of Alaska have each received about $20,000 since they began receiving royalties for their oil.

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    Don't Worry Liberals! Obama has put a STOP to Drilling in America or it's Shores! STUPID! He is SO WRONG for America!

    Peace to All and God Bless! Jane.

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    Off shore drilling provides cheap oil and jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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    1 decade ago

    Offshore oil platforms will become Somali pirate targets

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