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The Confederate Flag.....?

I want to see your opinions on the Confederate "battle" Flag. First people(which majority are ignorant) believe that the Confederate flag is a sign of racism. Flew during the war between the states to represent slavery. The war was not fought over slaves. 2nd everyone(exaggeration) thinks slavery didn't exist in the north, wrong. And even after the war ex-slaves(freedmen) were not treated with dignity,respect, and integrity. Its heritage not hate. Feel free to list your opinions on the flag i listed mine which are partly facts. Oh and some numbers to make you think a little in 1868 8,000 blacks OWNED 20,000 blacks; only the rich owned slaves.


Historiboy the stars and bars was taken down mainly because it resembled the 13 colonies flag. Thus the Confederacy took their battle flag and flew it.

And the blacks owning blacks is a fact i did research on it, maybe you should do the same? Before correcting me.

Update 2:

And what does the north have to be proud of. Invading The Confederate States of America?

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    1. No it is not directly meant to be a sign of racism, but guess what, it has turned to one anyway. It is comparable to the Swastika, which was simply the German 3rd Reich flag, but now represents evil, and rightly so. The Confederate flag was a flag of people who wished to leave the Union for reasons of a different government system, one which was based on and agrarian economy structured by slavery, so yes in part the war was started from slavery. It has since been used by Neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan, so again, its a sign of racism.

    2. Depending on your definition and if you can read a map; no, slavery didn't exist in the North. Border states between the "North/ Union" and the "South/ Confederacy" had slavery, but they weren't technically northern states anyway. Now if you are pointing out that in northern states there was "slavery" meaning racism and unfair discrimination, then I would have to agree with you.

    3. I can understand somebody thinking the flag is one of heritage, and I don't necessarily disagree with that. Because of what the war turned into, one of slavery, it even during the war became a flag of racism, and that has not changed since. So again, I understand somebody thinking of the flag as a flag of heritage, but for too many people it does represent hate, and they are NOT ignorant for thinking so. Can't you find something better to show your heritage?

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    Your statistic about 1868 has to be wrong; nobody in the United States was allowed to "own" blacks or any other color person at that time.

    The flag didn't represent slavery, of course, but it represented the Confederate States--and all of those states were slave states. Technically, you are correct when you say that the war was not fought directly over slavery. It was fought about states' rights, among other things, and a huge issue was whether new territories could choose whether to have slavery or not. One of the rights the southern states wanted was the right to continue to own slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation made that war into a war over slavery when Lincoln had originally seen it as a war to preserve the union.

    It is also true that only the rich owned slaves. Confederate soldiers fought mostly to defend their states, not to uphold the rights of slave owners to have slaves.

    BUT--surely you can understand why the Confederate flag would be viewed as a symbol of racism. Many in the south have used it as such and continue to do so up until this time.

    Not all Germans were Nazis, but there's pretty much only one reason anyone displays the flag of the Third Reich. This is a similar situation, wouldn't you say?

    As for the "southern pride" remark: what about the Confederacy--or even the South before the civil rights movement-- is there to be proud of?

    Edit: I am not saying that blacks did not own blacks. I am saying that it could not have happened in 1868 in the United States because slavery had been outlawed over two years before.

    And,actually, the reason the Confederate flag was changed was because it looked too much like the Union flag, especially in the chaos and smoke of a battlefield.

    Maybe YOU should check your facts before you start criticizing people. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing--and you have a little knowledge.

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    What on earth do you think the popular Civil War song "Bonnie Blue Flag" was about? Why do you consider the BATTLE flag a "heritage" flag instead of the confederate flag. The stars & bars or battle flag was used only to battle US armed forces, is THAT what your heritage is? Prior to the Civil War, each state was a sovereign nation, why don't you call that your "heritage" flag. And I hate to tell you this but there probably would not have been a Civil War if the slavery issues would have been resolved prior to the declaration of independents. One of the greatest American generals in the history of the US, General Robert E. Lee was ALL about hanging up and forgetting about the BATTLE FLAG and repatronizing back in the US. Maybe it's about time you cling to THAT heritage.

    Source(s): The "bonnie blue flag" was the confederate flag PERIOD!! None the less, I am surprised and find it ODD that you failed to mention that the confederate states offered emancipation to slaves if they would pick up arms and fight the union.
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    I think a lot of people have a problem with it because it was a symbol of open rebellion, so they see it as being kind of hypocritical since most people who fly the Confederate flag also promote patriotism.

    But this is a free country and I personally don't care, so it makes no difference whatsoever.

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    i'm a Northerner. The accomplice flag is element of the historic previous of the South. and that i accept as true with them, that in case you do no longer like it, get out. it extremely is been became right into a logo of racism by potential of people who do no longer like it. in case you do no longer like it, then have Congress pass a regulation, like Germany did after WWII, that bans the exhibit of the flag (in Germany's case, the Nazi flag) in case you have self assurance it is going to be banned, i will't end you. that's your precise as an American Citizen.

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    Its a sign of southern pride

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