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Why does Obama want high electricity prices and to put the coal industry out of business?


The US is the Saudi Arabia of coal. Should Obama put the US coal industry out of business?

Update 2:

Are higher electricity prices good or bad? Will high electricity prices affect the poor more or the rich more?

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    Somebody has to foot the bill for the massive deficit spending. Global climate change and Cap & Trade are one way they plan to do it.

    Edit - And, it's not just electricity prices that will be increased. Pretty much all energy costs will increase across the board. Not only will energy companies be impacted, so will manufacturing companies that make use of energy. Their extra costs will be passed along as well. Everything we do or buy, for the most part, will cost more. And this is all in the name of science that is largely debatable. The scientific community can't even agree on the significance of man's impact on the climate.

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    Higher electricity prices affects every paying human on this planet. Everything, including the cost of manufactured goods will be increased. I strongly believe "clean coal" can be a viable energy source. Shame on any Politician who discounts those viable sources we have on our own lands and seas for energy production. Green energy alone cannot be the solution. EVERYTHING must go into the equation to make energy affordable. Obama and our Politicians will be pricing energy right out of the "ball park". We the hard working Americans will be freezing in the coming winters ahead.

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    You can always sort out what a politician does by following the money trail. Ask yourself: Who stands to gain? How will it effect the politician in question?

    When you can answer those two questions, you'll understand Obama's motivation. Let me help you get started. Who wants to charge into green energy? How about T. Boone Pickens? How about George Soros? Hey! There's a big connection. Soros and Obama. Remember? Soros hand carried Obama to the White House. Soros stands to make an absolute killing if we switch to green energy.

    What else can you learn on your own?


    Poohcat is spot on! This is not a Democrat or Republican problem. Congress is not functioning properly and that makes it an American citizen problem.

    Here's a link to an obviously non-partisan web site that explains things very clearly in short videos. This info is eye-opening to most Americans that see it for the first time: http://www.ourcaucus.com/

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    For the same reason he does everything else. He wants to please everyone. In the end, he will please no one. He has clearly shown his bent towards not wanting to offend...both here and abroad. He thinks his campaign style rhetoric will win the people over....but eventually, they will all see the folly of his ways. But our real problem is not Obama...nor was it Bush for the past eight years. It is congress. They are the ones truly in power...and most of them have been there far to long. They have become corrupted and power hungry. I am not singling out either democrats or republicans because they are all just as guilty.

    If the people of this country really want to see some CHANGE that we can believe in....try getting rid of every congress person who has served two or more terms and put plain speaking and intelligent non politician citizens in their place.

    2010 is quickly approaching. Now is the time to do it.

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    He'll get a payoff from the people that win from our country's destruction. The poor are about to suffer to a much greater extent than everyone else (although it will be hard to tell since the misery will be so dramatic and widespread). Lib, Dem and statist claims of being "for the poor" is garbage. They are for the philosophy of Marx and will grind up millions to further that cause

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    You need to go to this website before you decide that clean coal is a solution. http://www.thisisreality.org/#/?p=canary

    Second, the cap and trade system is a system that balances itself off. One company who does not pollute sells their pollution credits to a company who does not want to change their method of production. That means that half of the companies costs will go up, while half of them will go down. Latest projection is that the average American family will see an annual increase of $77 on their electricity bill.

    It's obvious that you are ignoring the costs of pollution to the American citizen.

    Try to sell your coal to Europe, where they have converted almost all their energy production to nuclear. Or you could sell it to China if they didn't have enough of their own, since they don't care if their citizens have to wear masks to breathe in the cities.

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    The goal isn't higher electricity costs, or putting the coal industry out of business.

    The goal is the reduction of CO2 emissions.

    But since you're clearly an AGW denier, I guess that doesn't mean much to you.

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    "Will high electricity prices affect the poor more or the rich more?"

    The poor will be affected the most.

    Cap-and-Trade's a Regressive Tax

    According to the Tax Foundation, the bottom 20% of income earners would pay 6.2% of their income towards the tax, while the top 20% of income earners will pay 1.4%.

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    The US is actually far behind other nations (particularly in Europe) in developing this cap-and-trade system.

    Its intention is not to put the coal industry out of business (though it may be a side effect), but rather to find new, sustainable ways to provide power to your nation.

  • PhuQue
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    uhh yeah stay invisible...there is no grand deceit going on here . we as citizens of this great nation need to step up pay more want for less and take care of our people and resouces. turning coal into a clean power source is not easy or cheap why do all these questions only address one thing when obama is faced with hundreds everyday...not to mention the 100,000 answers he gives to our service men and women still serving the bush payday agenda ..wake up .

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