Does my mock draft look O.K. v 2.0?

DET: Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia

STL: Jason Smith, OT Baylor

KC: Aaron Curry, ILB Wake Forest

SEA: Eugene Monroe, OT Virginia

CLE: Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech

CIN: B. J. Raji, NT Boston College

PHI: Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB Texas

DEN: Mark Sanchez, QB USC

GB: Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB Penn State

SF: Everette Brown, DE Florida State

BUF: Brian Cushing, OLB USC

JAC: Jeremy Maclin, WR Mizzouri

WAS: Andre Smith, OT Alabama

NO: Malcolm Jenkins, FS Ohio State

HOU: Tyson Jackson, DE LSU

SD: Michael Oher, OT Mississippi

NYJ: Josh Freeman, QB Kansas State

DEN: Chris "Beanie" Wells, RB Ohio State

TB: Peria Jerry, DT Mississippi

DET: William Beatty, OT Connecticut

OAK: Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech

MIN: Ebon Britton, OT Arizona

NE: Rey Malaluga, ILB USC

ATL: Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State

MIA: Robert Ayers, DE Tennessee

BAL: Knowshon Morerno, RB Georgia

IND: Sean Smith, FS Utah

BUF: Ron Brace, DT Boston College

NYG: Vontae Davis, CB Illinois

TEN: Clay Matthews, OLB USC

ARI: Donald Brown, RB Connecticut

PIT: Alex Mack, C California


Denver gives Jacksonville 3rd round pick, 12th pick

Jacksonville gives Denver 8th pick

Oakland gives Philadelphia 7th pick

Philadelphia gives Oakland 23rd pick and 2010 1st round draft pick


I had Buffalo taking Heward-Bey until I figured that they don't need a wide receiver

Somebody will trade up to Jacksonville for Mark Sanchez, either Denver or Washington

Vontae Davis is supposedly "immature" so that's why he falls

Yes, I know Darius Butler isn't in my first round

Philadelphia will probably trade their #21

Oakland will probably trade down for Michael Johnson (I doubt they take him in the #7 spot)


Bearsfan, I'm a Lions fan myself, and I want Jason Smith. I have to face facts. The Lions are the Lions. Even though Millen's gone (thank god) William Clay Ford is still our owner. He'll pick Stafford. I want Jason Smith and trade up a tiny bit for Freeman.

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    Why would we trade up for Orakpo? If a DE falls to us, then sure take him, but there is no way we trade up.

    Oh, and Oakland won't go defense in the 1st round. Everyone knows they will draft a receiver.

    And DHB falls to the 2nd round? He'll be gone by the 13th pick.

    Poor mock draft in honest opinion,

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hmmm no offense but i dont know what your thinking but if rey maulaga is avalible at the 16th selection, san diego will be more than willing to take him.

    the bengals need themseleves a strong tackle to defend carson palmer, so your should put andre smith here for palmer.

    denver will go defense during the 1st round now that they have a new 3-4 defenseive scheme. and if denver does get sanchez, their just dumb, they already have orton and simms, and youve already seen what orton could do on a good day

    ron brace is projected to be a 2nd rounder

    baltimore already has a great run game with mcgahee, ray rice, and mcclain

    cleaveland needs a pass rush to get at QB's like flacco, big ben and palmer in their division.

    colts need a DT to stuff the middle since their DT's are pass rushers and are too small.

    texans already signed antonio smith at DE, whats the point of signing jackson??

    Eben and william are 2nd round OT's

    clay matthews for the titans??

    hmm idk, i think if ayers was open here, theyd draft him, their Dline isnt getting any younger,

  • 1 decade ago

    pretty good except detroit will take jason smith

    think about they get an extremely good offensive lineman this year, get him a year of experience, and then next, when they'll still be bad, they can get TEBOW, BRADFORD, OR McCOY. the one of them will pown with detroit and smith will have a year under his belt to protect the QB

    Source(s): my brain
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no affense but this is the 2nd worst mock draft i've seen. why would the eagles give up their 1st and next years 1st for the 7th overall. thats stupid bc the eagles r fine where they r.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not at all

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