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Work experience diary?easy 10 points?

I was doing work experience in a database company and I now have to do a work experience diary. Could You make up a paragraph on what I would be doing there. I was doing a lot a clerical work there. e.g.

On my first day of work experience I was a bit nervous because I was going to be in a new environment and meeting new people. When I arrived at work experience my boss showed me were I was going to work. I had to rearrange the three filing cabinets that they had. Before lunch I had to type up four letters and print them.

After lunch one of the workers showed me how to use the photo copier. Then I had to put letters into envelopes and put stamps on them. Then when was finished with that I had to go to the post office and post the letters.

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    Hi Liam,

    It seems to me that you have already started your diary.

    A work-experience diary is simply a record of what you did during the time of your work with that particular company. All you have to do is to show the name of the company at the top of a page, the date you commenced working and the various chores you completed.

    Something Like this:

    Database Company XYZ

    Monday 20.04.2009

    9am Commenced my work experience with the above company.

    I reported to (name of person)

    Arrange three filing cabinets.

    Write four letters and print copies.

    Lunch: 1 to 2PM

    2PM Learn how to use the photocopier

    Place letters into envelopes and affix stamps.

    Post letter at local Post office.

    Time you finished?

    Any comments made to you by your supervisor?

    Here you might like to say something about the experience and what you learned.

    I believe you have the idea now.

    Best wishes.

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