Please help! my dad had a liver transplant almost 2 years ago and has been doing great!?

but for the last 2 days he has been having burning sensations on and around where they cut him open! any ideas why? also he only has he feeling when he lays down. he put a wet towel on his stomach and that did seem to stop the burning feeling! i told him to call his dr but we are waiting for the call back.

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    Congratulations for the life-saving gift your family has received because someone said YES to organ donation! (April is National Donate Life Month, by the way. Let everyone know...encourage others to register!)

    First of all, I'm assuming from your question that you mean this is more a SURFACE problem (skin, scar) than an INTERNAL problem (digestive, such as heartburn or GERD).

    Long after their surgical incisions have healed, some liver transplant recipients may experience unusual sensations around the scar area, including numbness or heightened skin sensitivity to some fabrics, soaps, laundry detergents, touch, etc. (My husband had a liver transplant 11 years ago and still experiences "weird" scar feelings.)

    It's interesting that your dad only has this feeling laying down and that it's alleviated with the simple application of a wet towel, but rather than speculate about what's going on (we'll leave that to the transplant hepatologist), if your Dad is concerned about a serious, underlying problem or the burning is persistent & unbearable, he should call the hospital where he received his transplant and ask the hospital operator to connect him with the hepatologist on-call.

    If he's not concerned about urgency, your dad should contact his transplant nurse coordinator by e-mail or phone message, with a detailed, but to-the-point description of the symptom, when it occurs, what makes it feel better, and how long it's been going on.

    Keep in mind that the liver transplant team is dealing with both critical end-stage patients and post-surgical complications and may take a day or two to respond to lower priority (non-life-threatening) calls.

    In any event, we recommend following up with and pursuing answers directly from the liver team, rather than a local doctor. When it comes to taking care of your dad's precious "gift of life", better safe than sorry!

    P.S. I hope you'll post the outcome, i.e. what the doctor says about the cause of and remedy for this problem. Thank you...and may your dad's new liver give him many more years of "quality of life". =)

    Source(s): Help & Education for Liver Patients (HELP!) Donate Life America
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  • 1 decade ago

    I would continue to call them. Does he have a bandage yet? If so, it could be an allergic reaction to the bandage material or tape (some tape has latex through it and causes pain) Otherwise, he could be getting an infection. He should have been placed on an antibiotic. If not, I would definitely find out why and it wouldn't even hurt to request it. Any post transplant patient I know of has always had antibiotics because infection is such a risk. However, if it continues forget about his dr and go straight to the ER do not mess around. This can be very serious. If there is a serious problem it needs to be addressed ASAP.

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    JoeDude gave you the best possible answer and should get the 10 points. I can't give any better answer than his, but wanted to add that my scar also is sensitive at times and will react to clothing I wear sometimes. It seems to happen less and less as time goes on. I had my liver transplant about 2 years ago also.

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