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I am currently on unemployment for the state of ohio. Last thursday I received correspondence requesting info on why I left a job I had almost 2 yrs ago saying that that employer was requesting their acct not be debited. I filled out the required form and have heard nothing since. Now today I went on and where it normally says your last filing date was.... and your next scheduled filing date is.... it only says "restart your claim" which it has always said but doesn't give me any notification on filing my claim today. help. has my unemployment been cancelled?

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    1 decade ago
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    You need to call the Ohio Department of Labor helpline on this one. Probably a minor computer glitch. But it's possible the stuff re your old employer crossed up something in the system and your status was accidentally changed.

    NOTE: since the job was that long abo, it cannot have any bearing on your current situation. However, that does not mean the computer can't screw things up. So call them ASAP--like 9AM Monday morning. I'd also wait to do anything online. even if you do everything right, if the software is screwed, you might make things worse.

    Best of luck to you.

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