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what do you highlight in the texas drivers handbook for the driving test?

Texas Department Of Public Safety Revised October 2004

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    most importantly, safety is the most important

    but i did that, and i flunked

    so it is best to study all of it

  • 4 years ago

    regrettably NO. except you have already got driving force's license on your state after which you would be able to pass it to Texas. There are some tricks to income parallel parking, pass to the place they administer the attempt after hours and prepare persistently. the terrific tip i factors is once you pull up previous the cone, align it some foot remote from the rear corner of the bumper. decrease your wheel sharp and back up into the field until the two your drivers facet or passenger replicate (relies upon on what facet your parallel parking) is lifeless midsection of the field (you would be sitting at an attitude) and then decrease your wheel sharp the alternative way and gradually steer back until it extremely is right now. prepare makes perfect. solid good fortune

  • 1 decade ago

    if i hadnt takn a look at the back of the book with all those questions i would have failed. those questions are the questions they ask on the test. i would say 95% of them. so be sure an quiz urself w THOSE questions

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