Of these free agents signings, who will have the best season?

Rank them 1-10

Manny Ramirez, Fransisco Rodriguez, Pat Burrell, C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Mark Texeira, Edgar Renteria, Raul Ibanez, Kerry Wood, Adam Dunn

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    Can't anybody read anymore. The question asks you to rank them 1-10, not rate them 1-10.

    1. Dunn

    2. Ibanez

    3. K-Rod

    4. Manny

    5. Texeira

    6. Burnett

    7. Burrell

    8. Sabathia

    9. Wood

    10. Renteria

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    Adam Dunn 10

    Raul Ibanez 8

    Edgar Renteria 8

    CC Sabathia 8

    Mark Texeria 7

    AJ Burnett 7

    Kerry Wood 6

    Pat Burrell 6

    Fransisco Rodriguez 5

    Manny Ramirez 4

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    Burnett or Manny

    Manny was a free agent - opted out of his contract and then signed a new one (that's a free agent)

    K-Rod can't match last season, Burrell is again, CC isn't great under pressure, Texeira is consistent (but not a team carrier), Renteria is old, Ibanez is older, Wood is an injury risk (on a bad team in a better offensive league), and Dunn is Dunn aka King Strikeout

    Randy Johnson should be on this list - his second half numbers were good last year - he could surprise

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    Manny Ramirez - 8

    Fransisco Rodriguez - 9

    Pat Burrell - 7

    C.C. Sabathia - 9

    A.J. Burnett - 8

    Mark Texeira - 8

    Edgar Renteria - 7

    Raul Ibanez - 8

    Kerry Wood - 8

    Adam Dunn - 6

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  • 1 decade ago

    A.J. Burnett. 10

    K-Rod. 8

    C.C. Sabathia.7

    Mark Teixeira.7

    Manny Ramirez.7

    Edgar Renteria.5

    Raul Ibanez.10

    Kerry Wood 8

    Adam Dunn 9

    Pat Burrell 5

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    Ramirez .. Wasn't a Free Agent Signing.. He re-signed..there's a difference.

    Rodriguez - 7 He'll really help their bullpen and could possibly take the to the playoffs.

    Burrell - 4.. Declining in durability..

    Sabathia - 2.. You seen his first starts.

    Burnett - 8.. Less money and better stats then Sabathia

    Teixeira - 4 I really don't care about any of the Yankees

    Renteria - 5.. Giants should have put money into youth, not experience.. Renteria has like..2 years left before he retires.. They should have got some rookies or atleast young guys instead.

    Ibanez - 10.. Phillies got a bargain here. He had like..120 RBIs on the MLBs lowest scoring team.. Or something like that.. He'll have a ton of RBI chances behind Howard, Utley and Rollins.

    Wood - 8.. Indians needed a closer and got one.. but he won't be as good as Rodriguez.

    Dunn - 11.. Whenever you can get a guy who has hit 40 HRs 5 years in a row you have just got the best pick-up that year.

  • 4 years ago

    i'm going to furnish my opinion on in basic terms some on the checklist: a million- A.J. Burnett - once you're a making a guess individual the over/below for A.J. is one hundred starts off in his 5 year $eighty two.5 million settlement. I say he won't commonplace 20 starts off according to season using fact of injuries. undesirable pass for the Yankees and that i'd pass with the below. 2- Raul Ibanez - Phillies necessary to change Burrell with yet another precise handed hitter and Ibanez bats left handed. Ibanez has consistently hit left handed pitching nicely such as a .305 batting commonplace final year. great pickup for the Phillies at $31.5 million for 3 years. 3- ok-Rod - The Mets necessary a closer and went out and have been given between the terrific at $37 million for 3 years. great pass for the Mets. 4- Jamie Moyer - I easily have consistently been a huge fan of his yet a $13 million 2 year settlement is in basic terms too lots for a 40 six year previous pitcher. i'm thinking approximately dusting my previous glove off and notice if i will arise with a curveball. 5- C.C. Sabathia - The Yankees are consistently going to place their money and faith in somebody and now in seems to be Sabathia. 7 years and $161 million is extremely some money yet C.C. is extremely some pitcher. solid pass for the Yankees and this could be the pass to place them over the excellent in 2009.

  • 1 decade ago

    Manny Ramirez

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that Raul Ibanez will hav the best season, 32 HRS and .302 BA

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