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I know that you want to answer this question....?

Guy in my health class, how to get him :]?

Ok so I just got over this guy that i liked since like 7th grade and now I'm almost a freshman. Well I haven't really gotten over him but I'm almost over him. I this guy in my health class a lot. His name is Nick and he's really nice. He's popular kind of and I'm just normal. He's a little bit shorter than me. But a lot of girls like him. I don't know if I'm good enough fro him, like popular enough. He's probably the nicest popular guy. He isn't that popular (well I guess). How can I get his attention with out flirting too much or making a fool of my self? Also do you think I'm like good looking enough for a "popular"? And I like honest comments so yeah. I just really like this guy and think he'd be cool to hang out with :]

Ohhh and our health class is how babies are made education lol 8th grade health....

and he's on the 8th grade baseball team :)

What are some ways to flirt without making myself a fool in front of other girls in that class and guys? And he's like 8 feet away from me :(

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Easy. I may be a guy, but girls flirt with me, I'm not bragging guys, and I can tell you some ways.

    He's on a baseball team? Good advantage, you can meet with him during games, but, don't go if there are other girls coming along, if one girl is coming along that's fine.

    This will be quite embarrassing but this is what girls do to me. Fall over, on purpose, on him. Then go, "Sorry" smiling hysterically and doing the peace-out sign. Then stare at him and smile. Then shout it out, be a girl and annoyingly say while you skip away from him, "Nick is SO CUTE!!!!" again and again.

    Improve your grades. Sporty guys like smarter girls. Don't forget, hyper active and cute.

    Just hold his arm and just tell him that you like it if he asks.

    Poke his forehead, he's a bit shorter than you right?

    Just pretend that you don't know an answer to one of the text book questions. Then ask him what.

    Tease him. Say, "Let's go on a date honey!" then if in shock, go, "Just kidding" while sticking your tongue out and doing the peace-out sign.

    When you go text messaging or Instant messaging, don't say hello or hey, instead say, "I'm to me!!!"

    Do the simple happy wink as a good-bye.

    SLAP THE ARM! then say, "I didn't do it"

    Just stare at him time to time.

    Well. That's all I got.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Popularity isn't everything! I got it last year without even wanting it. Sometimes it's nice, but other times it really sucks! Everyone wana be friends with you, they exclude your real friends, decide for you, and just become your friends all of a sudden. I got my popularity when I beated the girl that was number 1 on the top10 in my level, as she was always the popular smart one. The thing is, everyone suddenly becomes your friends, and they push your "real" friends away. Don't ever let this happen, their fake friends and WILL drop you. Luckily I was too smart to fall for their cheap talk and tricks.

    All I'm trying to say is you shouldn't change yourself be accepted by someone, show him who you are, your inner-self, and get to know him. First see if he is who you think he is, and make sure that he isn't just a "Popular-Wannbe".

    Oh, and yeah! You are very very beautiful, great face and I love your smile! Hope I helped...

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  • Johnka
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I'm sure he is nice but what about the rest of the boys? Don't fix on one ignoring the others.

    Popular and good-looking are not necessarily connected. Some girls get a reputation as being easy and become popular. This does not mean that they will find good relationships.

    Grampa John

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  • 1 decade ago

    You seem confused. Do you want to hang out with him or date him? If you want to hang out with him, you don't need to flirt with him. If you want to date him, take some deep breaths, and chill and be yourself around him - saying that, if you're excitable, then don't be! watch him (don't stare - you'll creep him out) and see what does it for him. Watch how he reacts to other girls and what he does when they flirt with him. Don't do the same things. give him some attention but not the same as the others. be nice but don't let him walk all over you. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    here are some thing u can do like drop hints and **** like that to show him that ur interested lol i actually did type this but it was for another person but yeah here u go

    re-initiate a convo when he stops talking


    touch him

    try to rapport and build comfort with him

    look back and glance at him repeatedly every minute or so

    toss your hair to see if he notices

    if eye contact happens from a distance and u hold it for a second

    smile at him

    stand near by him

    interrupt his convo from nearby or laugh at something he said

    while walking toward him, turn your body and brush against him

    say something to your friend and giggle(meaning like the 2 of u)

    ask for a lite or time or ijn anyway to initiate a convo

    if hes talking to like some of ur friends or w/e be talkative to get his attention

    ask for his name

    ask his age

    compliment him

    be playful and challenge him

    disagree as u laugh

    hitting him but laughing(like punching i guess)

    give him a nickname

    play with ur hair when ur talking to him

    when ur sitting next to him have ur leg touch his

    repeatedly touch him in anyway

    ask if he has a gf

    mention him having a gf even if u dont know if he does or not

    hold eye contact w/ him for longer periods of time when talking to him

    if he mentions that he likes something u should mention that u like it too or need someone to show u

    when u say something or do something look at him to see his reaction

    look at him from the side, to hide the fact that ur looking at him

    introduce him to ur friends

    invent reasons to be near him,interact or have isolation with him

    Source(s): hope it helped
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  • 1 decade ago

    find a way to catch him alone walking in the halls after class or something and invite him to hang out with you

    90% chance (prolly more) he will say yes, just seem kinda shy about it so u don't seem like a slut askign a guy out.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is how I got my now boyfriend like me:

    1) Play hard to get.

    2) Lure him into you. Be mysterious.

    3) Get your friends to help you! (:

    4) Watch his games.

    5) Be confident.

    Source(s): 15 years old; in a relationship; 1 year 4 months!
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  • 1 decade ago

    you're pretty.

    and just be yourself

    and stop thinking about popularity haha it really isn't that big of a deal. and stop thinking about what other people think of you. you'll get very far in life if you aren't a people pleaser.

    well yah. talk to him, flirt with him, and see if you guys can chill.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    haha wells guys like girls who act themselves so dont be fake or bitchy at all. be silly and fun they love that. dont be sexy kinda flirty, guys like cute. and they are like dogs, haha they like when you praise them and tell them how good they are at stuff. a good way of flirting would be like bring up something about baseball like "whens your next game?" then when he answers be like, "i heard you were really good, but i bet i can kick your *** haha" guys like stuff like that. and dont even think about no tbeing good enough for him. just becase he is popular. as long as you are confident you will blow him away. and you are soooooo pretty! you have nothing to worry about. good lucj with everything!

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  • 1 decade ago

    you're pretty :D i'd say get a new hairstyle, get new clothes,'s usually an easy way to get guys to notice you :)

    if you ever see a chance to talk to him, like maybe a project, etc, grab it. if things don't seem to be happening on their own, make friends with one of his friends and eventually try to get yourself introduced to him :)

    nothing's impossible.

    good luck :D

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